ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions: With a market-leading presence in more than 166 countries, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is dedicated to serving the security needs of hotels and resorts around the world. A member of ASSA ABLOY Group, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions leverages its vast resources to remain at the forefront of innovation in technology, with new solutions continuously launched that empower hoteliers with the ability to deliver ever safer, more efficient and always enjoyable experiences for their guests.

Discover the Hotel Security Advantages of VingCard Electronic Door Locks

With VingCard, gain the industry’s highest standard in door lock security while ensuring effortless guest convenience combined with a sophisticated and stylish exterior design. The trusted choice for countless hospitality professionals, VingCard locks are utilized by the world's leading hotel brands and independent boutique properties alike to successfully prioritize guest safety and peace of mind.

VingCard Novel: Offering Next-gen Hotel Security and Guest Experiences

VingCard Novel represents a new stage in the evolution of hotel door lock technology by combining the latest advances in security and guest convenience into a sleek and attractive door handle design. Providing an experience that is always safe and convenient, VingCard Novel is manufactured using sustainable practices and ensures product longevity by being tested to withstand harsh environmental conditions. A solution able to keep pace with the latest industry trends, VingCard Novel comes with instant Mobile Access compatibility and is able to seamlessly integrate with third-party platforms.

Mobile Access: Unlocking Enhanced Hotel Stay Convenience and Security

Powered by ASSA ABLOY's Seos key credential technology, Mobile Access allows guests to skip front desk check-in by using their personal device as a secure room key. Equipped with the latest in data encryption technology, Mobile Access also features a flexible design allowing it to be integrated with a hotel’s mobile app or serve as a standalone solution. Mobile Access can even provide guests with the enhanced convenience of storing and using room keys within digital wallets located on their device. 

Harness the Power of Cloud with Vostio Access Management

The first cloud-based access management system specifically designed for the hospitality industry. Vostio Access Management offers a comprehensive portfolio of guest access services with enhanced security and efficiency in mind. By harnessing the power of cloud technology, Vostio provides hoteliers with the ability to manage all aspects of their security operations remotely from anywhere, any time. Moreover, Vostio Access Management's cloud-based structure ensures continuous high-level security, with routine and automatic software updates that protect against emerging security threats and ensure optimal system performance. For hotel businesses, cloud-based also means no need for costly onsite servers and no need for time-consuming onsite system maintenance.

Leveraging IoT Technology to Enhance Staff Safety with Vostio Location Solutions

Hotel employees can face various safety threats, from troublesome guests to unauthorized intruders. To rebuild team trust and minimize liability risks, hotels are turning to Vostio Location Solutions- Staff Safety to provide their employees with the protection and peace of mind they deserve. Equipping each employee with their own personal alert device, Vostio Location Solutions provides response personnel with precise real-time location details in the event of an emergency, ensuring that swift assistance is always just a button push away.

Gain the Edge in Hotel Efficiency with IoT-based Asset Management

With Vostio Location Solutions- Hotel Asset Management, know exactly where items and equipment are without time-consuming guesswork and needless searches. Based on our wireless infrastructure for indoor location services, Hotel Asset Management can instantly pinpoint the real-time location of guest rentals, bulk inventory, maintenance equipment and much more just by adding a small reader tag. For a hotel’s guests, this translates into less time waiting for their requests to be handled and more time enjoying their stay experience. For hotel operations, Hotel Asset Management means more streamlined services, less intensive workloads and no more lost or stolen items eating into business revenues. Featuring a simple and rapid deployment, our software-driven system requires minimal infrastructure while ensuring location accuracy to within one meter (RTLS) and Zone location (PLS). Designed as a scalable platform, Vostio Location Solutions features over 200 APIs and Kinesis real-time data streams, allowing it to support a robust ecosystem of various devices while providing the flexibility required to evolve alongside changing business needs.