ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions has announced the successful implementation of several of its industry-leading security access platforms at the Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer. A Santiago, Chile-based high-rise property that rewards its guests with a modern and trendsetting stay experience, Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer can now ensure that all areas of the property are fully secured against any risk of unauthorized access while providing individuals with the means to move around effortlessly thanks to the presence of Visionline, VingCard Signature RFID door locks and access controllers with Mobile Access functionality. Further showcasing the innovative edge of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions is the implementation of advanced security cabinets with Mobile Access, allowing for the effortless yet secure retrieval of valuable belongings.

By implementing VingCard Signature RFID on guestroom doors, Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer can benefit from the industry’s highest standards in security encryption protocols to eliminate the threat of unauthorized keycard cloning. As a RFID-based solution, Signature RFID also removes the frequent and inconvenient issue of guests having to return to the front desk due to keycards becoming demagnetized and inoperable. By being implemented alongside the Visionline access management system, VingCard Signature RFID can further enhance security and operational efficiency by providing hotel staff with the ability to instantly deactivate keycards that are lost or suspected of being stolen. Visionline additionally notifies employees of potential security threats by issuing alerts for situations such as when a wandering intruder is attempting to use a keycard on multiple doors throughout the property. Staff members can also further enhance guest convenience by allowing staff to extend stays or reassign guests to new rooms without requiring a front desk visit or the issuing of new keycards. With Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer also equipped to provide offices for rent, the presence of VingCard Signature RFID and Visionline likewise provides office workers with the same advanced security protections while ensuring convenient and quick access to office spaces.  

“Balancing effective security and guest convenience is a challenge that all hotels must get exactly right in order to operate as a successful business and maintain reputations, and ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions provides the ideal combination of innovation and expertise to fully achieve this goal,” says Diego Cardenas Montero, General Manager at Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer. “Guests, office workers and staff at our property know that their safety is a top priority due to the presence of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions technology, and with availability of advanced platforms such as Mobile Access, can nonetheless obtain a hassle-free experience in seamlessly navigating the property environment.”

 Available via the ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions app, Mobile Access is fully enabled on all of Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer’s VingCard Signature RFID-equipped doors, ensuring that individuals can instantly gain access to rooms the very moment they arrive by using personal devices as a digital key. Mobile Access is also available for staff-only areas, providing enhanced operational efficiency by eliminating the need for employees to first obtain a key in order to access a specific area to carry out their responsibilities. With the additional implementation of Mobile Access-compatible access controllers on elevators, emergency bars as well as within parking areas and the hotel’s entrance, guests, office workers and staff can extend the instant convenience that digital key technology provides to virtually all areas throughout the hotel. Demonstrating ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions’ commitment to innovation and ensuring ultimate convenience, regional company technicians also worked with the hotel’s architects in designing an advanced security cabinet equipped with a multi-output controller so that those onsite can likewise use Mobile Access to store and retrieve valued belongings.

Yet while equipping Hotel Nodo Urban Explorer with the ability to provide the latest in instant convenience, Mobile Access also maintains a priority on personal safety by utilizing the industry’s most advanced security protocols. Designed using ASSA ABLOY's secure Seos technology, Mobile Access first encrypts digital key data which is then transmitted to personal smart devices using a secure communications channel. Once received by the mobile app on a smart device, the information is then stored within a digital vault. When a device is presented to the appropriate door, access controller or security cabinet, Mobile Access again utilizes a secure communications channel to deliver digital data to the BLE reader, eliminating any risk of data theft at all times.

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