ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, a leading provider of advanced security technology for the hospitality industry, is today honored to be recognized by the World Travel Tech Awards for its ongoing commitment in developing solutions that lead to safer and more efficient hotel operations. With hospitality professionals around the world voting for their most favored solutions, ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions was notably named “World’s Best Digital Key Solutions Provider” and “World’s Best Hotel Asset Management Solutions Provider” for 2022.

 An awards program dedicated to recognizing and celebrating excellence in travel technology, the World Travel Tech Awards seeks to reward solution providers who have demonstrated an ability to push innovation and industry capabilities to new heights. For the best digital key solutions category, industry voters ultimately selected Mobile Access by ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions thanks to the technology’s robust and flexible design, as well as its proven ability to enhance guest check-in convenience.

With Mobile Access, hoteliers significantly have a range of deployment options depending on specific business needs or guest preferences. This includes integrating the solution with a hotel’s existing mobile app or deploying the technology as a standalone service. For hoteliers lacking their own mobile app but desiring additional funcationality beyond offering digital key services, Mobile Access further boasts a wide range of Certified Partner options for hoteliers to select from. Also named this year’s winner due to the platforms commitment to future-proof scalability, Mobile Access now even provides options for guests to store and use room keys within digital wallets located on personal devices for even greater convenience.   

“Winning an award is always cause for celebration, but to win two as a result of the opinions of  industry peers is a great honor and acheivement,” said Li Wang, Senior Vice President and Head of Hospitality at ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions. “Our company remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries on what hoteliers can achieve with technology in making their businesses safer, more efficient and able to live up to today’s guest expectations. These latest award wins demonstate our company’s success in aligning R&D efforts with current industry needs, and we couldn’t be prouder of our team’s hard work in developing new and exciting hotel-based technologies.”

Earning this year’s award for best hotel asset management solution was Vostio Location Solutions- Hotel Asset Management. A location-based technology leveraging a network of Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (BLE), Vostio Location Solutions- Hotel Asset Management notably allows  property employees to instantly locate the precise whereabouts of amenities and equipment in real-time. By simply attaching a reader tag, this can include items such as luggage carts, maintenance equipment, amenity rentals and much more. With Vostio Location Solutions, hoteliers also gain a future-proof platform that can be scaled to include additional functionalities. This includes Vostio Location Solutions- Staff Safety, a feature that allows hotel employees to transmit an alert along with their real-time location in the event of a threat to their wellbeing.