In Cheek’s new role, he will manage the company’s day-to-day financial requirements including planning and analysis, accounting, budgeting, and tax compliance. Cheek will lead efforts in scaling the finance department and leverage the use of technology to optimize the department's abilities as the company grows.

“Since joining Groups360 two years ago, David has demonstrated his leadership and ability to manage key responsibilities as chief financial officer,” said Gallineau. “As we look at Groups360 now and where we want to go, having David—and his years of experience—as part of our leadership team will help us execute our mission.”

Before Groups360, Cheek’s career included leading corporate acquisitions and public offerings, where he assisted with the integration, acquisition, and start-up processes for multiple organizations.

“What I most look forward to is helping Groups360 in a more strategic role,” Cheek said. “The culture at Groups360 is contagious and the team has an insatiable energy and drive to succeed. I am fortunate to have been with several high-growth companies in my career that, like Groups360, have challenged the status quo within their industries. By executing its vision and model, I know Groups360 will capture significant market share and forever change the way the hospitality industry does group business and I’m excited to being a part of that.”