The best just got even better. A new Safe Lock Seal in bold magenta now protects the patented membrane technology of ADA Cosmetics’ Smart Care system. Providing visual proof that the dispenser has neither been opened nor manipulated, the seal guarantees the 100% hygienic protection offered by this bestselling design.

Unlocking the full power of Smart Care+

In contrast to other dispenser systems such as pumps, Smart Care+ guarantees no dripping, no back contamination, and no wear-out effect, thanks to a unique membrane now protected by the Safe Lock Seal. With this patented technology, absolutely clean dosing is assured, and the contents of the dispenser cannot be contaminated.

The power of Smart Care+ is recognized by a renowned independent hygiene institute, the Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Scientific analysis carried out by the institute found zero bacteria inside Smart Care+ dispensers.

Innovating for superior performance

“At ADA, our pledge is to be surprising, sustainable, and safe”, says Gerd von Podewils, CMO at ADA Cosmetics. “Our new Safe Lock Seal ensures that hotels can offer their guests the most hygienic experience possible with Smart Care+, while also enjoying the many advantages of this bestselling dispenser solution such as full recyclability.”

The smart choice for hotels and their guests

Compatible with a wide variety of different brands, Smart Care+ is also individually customizable to match a hotel’s identity. The dispenser can be 100% emptied, while the mono-material PP bottle and cap ensure easy recycling. In addition, the unbeatable rapid cartridge exchange of just five seconds supports highly efficient housekeeping. 

Smart Care+ with ADA’s new Safe Lock Seal is available now. For more information, please visit