I'm taking a break from my normal blog post writing to do some shameless self-promotion. As many of my avid readers will know, my posts are usually full of abstract metaphors, talking about hotel technology and its application. This one might be a bit more direct, and probably a bit shorter!

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I've seen a lot of social posts about the rights and wrongs of self-promotion during these tough times. Some suggest any sales effort is completely wrong, while others say that they only wish to let people know what they have to offer in these trying times. My opinion on which of these is right or wrong is irrelevant.

Lending A Hand

Throughout the UK we have amassed three quarters of a million volunteers into our health system, and I'm sure this is mirrored around the world. To those volunteers, along with our healthcare staff I am so grateful I cannot put it into words

I am still working, even though a huge amount of my work is on hold. I do have a business to run though, which at this time prevents me from volunteering on a regular basis. That did get me thinking though, could I do more?

The answer to that question is yes. Of course it is, we can always do more. I looked a bit deeper, and what occurred to me, is that I should focus on what I know and what I can offer. That, as I've said many times before is Hotel Guest Room technology, and Hotel Technology in general!

I see the hospitality industry decimated before my eyes, at the hands of coronavirus and the resultant economic impact. It is clear to me there is very little appetite to engage me in my day to day role as a technology consultant and advisor.

Judging by the messages I have had so far though, there are still people who need help. Help with technology in their hotels, help to plan for the future and recovery, help to make cost savings right now. This got me thinking, maybe my part in this is to keep sharing my knowledge. More than that though, could I also encourage others to share their knowledge too?

So, thanks to working with Enzo Aita at FunnelTV, Guest Room Technology in 2020 was born, as part of the FunnelTV Master Series.

Guest Room Technology in 2020

Guest Room Technology 2020 will take part on Tuesday March 31st at 2pm BST/3pm CEST and feature the FunnelTV team along with 4 special guests

This special #LinkedInLive broadcast will be covering all topics around the technology that guests use during their stay. We will of course be touching on the impacts of Coronavirus when it comes to equipping guest rooms with technology.

If you have a topic you would like us to look into prior to the broadcast, please leave a comment below, or in the LinkedIn Group. If not, I'll look forward to seeing you there!

So, join us and join in the discussion, here on LinkedIn:


James Harrison is a technology consultant who's main focus is how hotels use technology in the Guest room.

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