• The new series, presented at the Internorga Fair, includes three proposals that adapt to the needs of each business: Speed Pro +Plus Self Service; Speed Pro +Plus Self Service Podium, Speed Pro +Plus Tank Podium
  • More efficient and with more features, the multinational firm’s new series of automatic juicers provides the perfect solution for self-service contexts with large juice demands, such as supermarkets, hotels and self-service
  • They include outstanding innovations that raise this automatic juicers to a higher service level, such as the automatic PulpOut system, the built-in extraction kit or its tap with front pushbutton and bottle support, among others.

ZUMEX® Group, world leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for obtaining fruit and vegetable juice, strengthens its commitment to national and international supermarket chains with the launch of its new automatic Speed Pro +Plus juicers, which were seen for the first time at the recent Internorga Fair, one of the main meetings of the HORECA and food service sector.

In fact, a good deal of retail chains have had ZUMEX® Speed Pro series machines on their shelves for some years, such as the Dutch Albert Heijn, the German Edeka, the British Marks & Spencer, the French Carrefour, or more recently, the Spanish Mercadona, among others.

Thus, the firm, leaders for some years in the incorporation of citrus fruit juicers on the shelves of supermarkets in Europe, America and Asia, continues with its commitment to the Healthy & Veggi current, with the new Speed Pro series models, the fastest and most robust machine of ZUMEX®. All-terrain machines, designed with important innovations to offer the best performance and simplest operation on the market.

The objective of ZUMEX with the new Speed Pro +Plus has been to create a series of professional juicers that are able to convert supermarket shopping into a unique experience, because they allow consumers to instantly, and quickly and easily, prepare freshly squeezed juice to take away or to drink in the establishment.

"Experience has shown us that chains that commit to the incorporation of our automatic juicers in their fruit and vegetable section increase the consumption of oranges. This directly provides the surface areas where our machines are installed with value and profitability, as they also act as an engine to drive the consumption of other fresh products on the shelves", says Silvia Perez, marketing & communication Manager at ZUMEX, who adds "we work together with the supermarkets to integrate our solutions, in agreement with their business needs and their internal operation to make them more profitable".

The Speed Pro +Plus machines are, therefore, top of their class, designed for large surface areas, with high juice production volumes, such as hotels, self-service and supermarkets, and they have three new models that adapt to the needs of each establishment: Speed Pro +Plus Self Service, for tabletop or countertop needs; Speed Pro +Plus Self Service Podium, for greater autonomy and ease of movement; and Speed Pro +Plus Tank Podium, with its 5 l capacity juice container.

The main novelties that we can find in the innovative Speed Pro +Plus are:

  • The automatic PulpOut system: with a silicone conveyor belt that permits automatic, easy, hygienic and fast pulp removal, while it also increases the machine autonomy, resulting in time-saving for the person in charge of its maintenance. Furthermore, its triple filter system guarantees high production yield as well as maximum juice quality and optimal texture. The mode of use of the PulpOut System can be programmed using the machine’s electronic display; either continuous or discontinuous depending on the type of pulp, and the Autoclean function, perfect to always keep the filter clean.
  • Built-in extraction kit: permits removing the entire juice extraction unit in just one movement and in record time (10 seconds), so that it can be washed as one single piece in the dishwasher or under the tap.
  • Tap with front pushbutton: included in the tabletop and podium self-service models, they allow consumers to serve their juice at the touch of a finger, making it more convenient.
  • Bottle support: available in the Speed Pro +Plus Self Service Podium model, it secures bottles during the juice extraction process under the tap, for the user’s greater convenience.
  • New Podium: doubling the normal waste capacity, to provide the machine with greater autonomy. Its two bins can store up to 70 kilos of waste, around 330 squeezed oranges.

In short, the new Speed Pro +Plus machines, with models prepared to offer the most efficient and safest service on the market, improve experience of use, and offer greater speed and convenience for consumers of freshly squeezed juice.
ZUMEX® Group, world leader for more than three decades in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for extracting fruit and vegetable juice, is present in more than 100 countries through an extensive network of dealers and its four branches (USA, Mexico, United Kingdom and France), which give support to the head offices located in Spain (Moncada-Valencia).

The company stands out for the development of patented technologies and Premium systems, and it has three important business lines: Food service & Retail, Food Engineering and Vending.