• Spaces with charm such as the cafeterias of the prestigious Waterstones bookshop chain have already committed to these machines, which have been well-received in markets such as Spain, France, Germany or Italy
  • The elegant and sophisticated design of both proposals complement the power and yield guaranteed by the ZUMEX® designed extraction solutions
  • The Perfect Couple is designed to provide solutions in spaces where they offer natural juices, milk shakes, smoothies or signature cocktails.

The Perfect Couple is the latest proposal of ZUMEX®, the Spanish firm that are world leaders in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for extracting fruit and vegetable juice, which is present in more than a hundred countries. A concept under which the firm combines and markets two unique machines, SOUL and Multifruit, which stand out both due to their meticulous design and to the versatility they offer when producing natural juices, milk shakes, smoothies or signature cocktails.

With their elegant, compact and even futuristic silhouette, SOUL and Multifruit share the power, personality and efficiency that characterise the firm’s innovative extraction solutions. "For us, it was very clear, and the market started to demand this concept after SOUL was launched", explains Jose Gonzalez, Innovation Director of ZUMEX®, "the marriage between both machines is perfect, we could almost say that they were born to be together. They complement each other perfectly when a comprehensive service is required in spaces such as hotels, restaurants, juice bars, cafeterias or even night clubs. In short, The Perfect Couple is ideal for spaces with charm".

This natural combination offered by the revolutionary SOUL, the most compact professional juicer on the market – intuitive, reliable and with impressive aesthetics -, together with Multifruit, the Premium professional multi-juicer that combines power and performance, has already received the backing of many of ZUMEX®’s customers in powerful markets such as the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy or Germany.

In the British market, these machines have already established their presence in singular spaces such as the cafeterias of the prestigious Waterstones bookshop chain. In other markets, such as the Spanish market, they have found a niche in gastronomic premises of reference, such as Atrio, a restaurant with a Michelin star, or in the McDonald’s Vienna or McCafe chains. In the German market, it has touched down strongly in the Lufthansa Frankfurt VIP lounge, or in chains such as San Francisco Coffee Company; and in the French market, in the exclusive premises of the business meeting organisation group, Châteauform, as well as hotels with charm, such as the Miramar La Cigale in the French Bretagne.

SOUL breathes innovation and cutting-edge technology in every pore, among other reasons thanks to its Conical System® juice extraction system, patented by ZUMEX® and to its cutting system and removable extraction unit. In short, this professional juicer stands out for the beauty of its design, which is more compact and intuitive, and for its improved performance. A real gem, which combines with the elegant lines of Multifruit, the market’s most advanced, powerful and simple-to-manage multi-juicer.

With its latest generation Brushless motor, the ZUMEX® Premium multi-juicer also has a Silent-Block system that makes it extremely silent, with its Speed Control System, that maintains the juicing power at the same level and increases it if necessary, as well as its modern centrifuging and filtering system, equipped with a grating disc designed to easily guide the fruit for processing, and which permits obtaining the best performance as well as maximum quality pulp-free juice.

ZUMEX Group, world leader for more than three decades in the design and manufacture of innovative solutions for extracting fruit and vegetable juice, is present in more than 100 countries through an extensive network of dealers and its four branches (USA, Mexico, United Kingdom and France), which give support to the head offices located in Spain (Moncada-Valencia).
With a turnover of over 14 million Euros, the company stands out for the development of patented technologies and Premium systems, and it has three important business lines: Food service & Retail, Food Engineering and Vending.