Zaplox, a market innovator of advanced Mobile Key Services for the global hospitality industry, has integrated its solution with SALTO Systems, providing hotels and their guests with unmatched convenience and superior satisfaction. As a result, Zaplox will be the first
Mobile Key Services company to announce its integration with SALTO Systems. This strategic global partnership allows any property with SALTO BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) enabled locks installed to easily implement mobile access functionality for their guests, while experiencing the unique operational benefits that Zaplox Mobile Key Services provide.

Through the new technology integration with Zaplox, guests of properties with SALTO access control systems will now be able to use their smartphones for guestroom access, while allowing hoteliers to offer and promote revenue creating smart services with full customization and hotel branding on the Zaplox Mobile Key Services app platform. This wide range of ancillary services, which can be made available in the app, includes mobile check-in and checkout, room upgrades, restaurant bookings, room service, special offers and more.

The user-friendly Zaplox Mobile Key Services app is easily downloaded and available for all major smartphone platforms. With recent industry research indicating that more than 70% of travellers would opt to use their smartphones as a check-in alternative, Zaplox Mobile Key Services allow guests to bypass the front desk altogether, saving them valuable time. Additionally, mobile keys are highly secure, since a guest’s smartphone is less likely to be misplaced than a plastic keycard and typically is password protected. Should a guest lose their phone, mobile keys can easily be revoked and reassigned in real time by hotel staff.

In less than 10 years, SALTO has become one of the world’s top five manufacturers of electronic access control systems. SALTO has a strong tradition of delivering the latest in guestroom access technology and has launched a series of innovations since its founding, raising the bar of guestroom security to new heights. By combining SALTO smart locks with Zaplox Mobile Key
Services, hotels benefit from enhanced cost efficiencies through streamlined operations and revenue opportunities, allowing front desk staff to focus on other aspects of guest service and communication.

"We are thrilled to serve as the first mobile key app provider for SALTO Systems, and as a result providing the company and its clients with an integration ready solution that is instantly available for commercialisation around the globe," says Magnus Friberg, CEO at Zaplox. "This is a very important collaboration for Zaplox, since it opens up new market possibilities together with an
industry-renowned partner. We strongly believe that mobile keys and the additional services included, will improve both guest loyalty and enhance the guest experience by making it smooth and comfortable."

"Research shows that guest demand for the use of smartphones and apps as part of their hotel experience is increasing," says Jennifer Stack, Vice President Marketing for SALTO Systems. "So this integration with Zaplox is perfectly placed to deliver an exciting range of benefits, enabling guests to enjoy all the advantages provided by integrated smart technology that maximise the
flexibility and enjoyment of their hotel stay."

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