VDA Group, a leading Italian provider of smart solutions for hospitality infrastructures, has presented a range of innovative automation systems including integrated Voice Hub for new-gen guest experience at HITEC DUBAI, the largest hospitality technology gathering in the Middle East.

The Voice Hub, powered by Volara, is a versatile new system as it enables guests to voice commands to the virtual assistant to turn on/off lights and raise/lower temperature and control other amenities at the hotel rooms. The technology extends the way guests can interface with the VDA technology to voice control.

Dubbed the world’s largest and oldest hospitality technology exposition and conference, the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference is taking place on November 12 and 13, 2019 at Festival Arena in Festival City Dubai.

VDA specialises in the development and realization of advanced solutions for integrated room management and interactive television systems for hotels, cruise ships and care and respite homes. The smart room management solution incorporates smart touch switches and interactive television systems providing IPTV.

Commenting on the participation in HITEC Dubai, Mr Piercarlo Gramaglia, group CEO at VDA Group, said, "We are happy to showcase the Voice Hub technology project at HITEC Dubai as this is a milestone for VDA as a hospitality industry solution provider in terms of integration with voice control. This is an integration between VDA’s guest room management system, interactive TV and the voice-enabled virtual assistant with the Volara’s Voice Hub to provide seamless experience. We are also happy to be part of HITEC Dubai, which offers a unique access for us to the region’s hospitality market, which is currently worth over USD 75 billion. We are present in the UAE for more than 20 years."

"Our 40-year history in the world of hospitality has led us to today. Putting the guests at the center of our world means becoming a part of their journey and experience, and also their memories. Through our systems we improve the guest experience and make it more meaningful for them. We believe in innovation and we are capable to give concrete answers to a constantly evolving market. We are positioned as a technical partner for tailor-made solutions created to improve the guest experience with more than 250,000 rooms active in some of the world’s most prestigious hotels," he added.

Mr Anoop Paul, Chief Sales Officer of VDA Middle East, said, "We are very excited to be at HITEC Dubai. This year is important for VDA Group, because it marks two important milestones: the nextgeneration vision, where VDA unveils its new brand identity and prepares to take on the new challenges of guest experience in room automation and interactive TV and secondly the twenty-year anniversary of VDA Middle East. VDA is the only brand in the world to provide an integrated in-room solution with guest room management and interactive TV-IPTV systems.

"VDA Group provides technical solutions within interactive television and room management systems. VDA specialises in the development of room automation, innovative IPTV solutions and smart switches. We have been positioned as a smart room solution provider with 100% Italian technology developed by its in-house research and development department. We provide innovative technological solutions for smart rooms in the hospitality sectors," he added.

"The Voice Hub system will enhance guests’ experience with the easiness to control room temperature, lights, curtains and TV with voice assistants. We recently implemented this solution in our Dubai project called JA Lake View Resort, making it the first hotel in the Middle East to feature the voice-assisted integrated room controls. The system is developed with an integration between GRMS, Interactive TV and the voice-enabled virtual assistant. With this, the guests can control the lights, curtains, AC, TV and also interact with other hotel systems like HotSOS to request for services like housekeeping simply with the help of voice commands. Success of this project enhances the capacity for innovation and the propensity for internationalization of VDA Group," Mr Paul elaborated.

VDA’s Italian technology to automate the hotel suites facilitate luxurious smart rooms to be managed entirely by the guest through a smartphone that allows simple and intuitive control of all the functions within the room: light scenarios, curtains, temperature, do not disturb, make up room, interactive TV control , bathroom volume, doorbell management and out-of-door signals as well as making internal and external calls.

The innovative VDA technology is based on Internet of the Things (IoT) architectures, cloud software, wireless communication between the various components installed and components signed VITRUM design. VDA offers a wide range of high value-added services to guests improving their comfort and energy efficiency for the operator.

Headquartered in Italy, VDA Group has an international presence with operations in the UK, the Middle East and Asia Pacific regions. VDA Group’s leadership position in the global market gives it massive growth opportunities. The evolution of the VDA Cloud platform and development of IoT solutions empowers hotel industry with intelligence making buildings easily accessible both by installers and guests of the hotels.