July 2021 – Connected rooms and optimized and safe hotel management. This is the promise of VDA Group – an Italian company operating within the Room Management System for the hospitality sector with offices Eruope, UAE and Asia – that to meet the increasingly complex needs of the hotel market, launched a revolutionary room management system. Etheos allows centralized management of all the devices in the room and simplifies the work of the hotelier who can now manage the structure remotely and with any device connected to the network.

People-Centric Hospitality summarizes for us this cultural renewal that is rewriting the concept of Hospitality. Once upon a time, comfortable and functional rooms were needed, today people need to live the hotel experience in a safe, conscious and immersive way," says VDA Group CEO Piercarlo Gramaglia. "The biggest challenge now is to unite the forces of all the actors involved to implement an epochal change that places at the center the people who daily operate within the hotel facilities. We at VDA provide our technology and our experience in the markets ranging from Europe to Asia Pacific and despite the difficulties related to the moment, expectations are more than positive". 

Etheos is a new 5-generation platform that with the cloud, simplifies the hotelier process of Accessibility, Monitoring and Update of the room management system, now possible even remotely and from any device. The new system, in addition to allowing a wide choice of functions and controls to manage the hotel in an integrated way, also ensures a constant efficiency and optimization of functionality with a direct impact on the operating costs of the hotel. Etheos thanks to the potential of the Cloud and Big Data allows the hotel to offer the guest a highly personalized experience because the behavior of the guest and his preferences can be stored and made available on the occasion of his own new living room.


“Etheos is a win-win solution that brings together an increasingly demand and an offer that must satisfy the 4 pillars of Innovation: Sustainability, Safety and Accessibility, Immersive Experience, Beauty and Harmony", says Product Marketing Manager William Feltrin. "The great challenge of this new room management system goes beyond the technological plan. Etheos innovates strategically and is part of a paradigm shift for the hotel industry by adding an important element for the advancement of home automation systems in hotels", concludes Stefano Brenelli, VDA R&D Manager.





Who is VDA Group

VDA Group is an Italian company that since 1980 develops and realizes advanced solutions for integrated Room management and Interactive Television systems mainly for the world hospitality market.

Thanks to its 100% made in Italy technology and its in-house R&D department, VDA has gained a leading position in the sector, positioning itself as a smart room solution provider. With over 250,000 active installations for the most prestigious hotels in the world, VDA confirms its leading position as a reference technological partner for tailor-made solutions that can improve the guest experience.


Headquartered in Italy, VDA Group operates in 30 countries around the world through branches in the Uk, the UAE, Hong Kong and Bangkok, in order to follow, support and satisfy customers.

The Group contributes to consolidating its leading position in the market, its technological expertise and system flexibility.


VDA always design and develops all key components and software in-house, and provides all necessary national and international certifications, offering the best technical solutions structured and tailored to the client's requirements.