• This dramatic growth in Italy confirms that the company has emerged as the main player in the creation of a new category: in-store freshly squeezed juice.
  • The supermarkets Conad, Coop, Auchan, Carrefour, Iper La Grande I, Ali Supermercati, Despar, and gourmet establishments such as Eataly, are just some of the retail chains that have already invested in the company’s powerful juicers and strategic service.
  • In the current scenario, a fresh juice service is an excellent response to today’s consumption drivers for healthy and natural "on-the-go" products.

ZUMEX®, a world leader in the design and manufacture of exclusive fruit and vegetable juicing systems, continues its dazzling expansion in Italy with cumulative growth of 600% in the last three years. An impressive track record which is the direct result of the overwhelming response to its juicing solutions from leading Italian retailers such as Coop, Conad, Auchan, Carrefour, Iper La Grande I, Ali Supermercati and Despar, as well as prestigious gourmet establishments around the world, such as Eataly, which have already included the best freshly squeezed juice in their range of services and products to provide a solid response to the latest consumption drivers: fresh and healthy "on-the-go" products.

"The experience of preparing freshly squeezed juice fascinates customers, adding lots of value, not only because of the nutritional qualities of the fresh juice itself, but also because they enjoy the first-hand experience of watching the "instant creation" of the product they will be drinking during the day or as soon as they leave the store," says Massimo Masi, Sales Manager of the Fresh Produce Department at Conad del Tirreno, which has more than 460 retail outlets in Italy.

The Italian market is a standard-bearer for the Mediterranean diet, in which a high consumption of fruit and vegetables, as well as the intake of natural and healthy products is a priority, making in-store freshly squeezed juice the ideal accompaniment to meals or a nutritious snack in itself. This trend is also gaining large numbers of followers around the world, with demand for freshly squeezed juice increasing by 5% each year. Orange juice continues to lead the market with 46% of world consumption.

The company, which has worked in the retail sector for 15 years, has not only pioneered the creation of a new category of in-store freshly squeezed juice globally, thanks to the most comprehensive range of premium equipment on the market, but has also become a benchmark strategic partner for the juice business on the five continents.

Premium juicing equipment and service

The robust combination of innovation and technology, together with an efficient and responsive service, have made ZUMEX’s® solutions for high juice demands the most reliable machines available and the large supermarkets in Italy have been quick to see their potential and value. The company has launched the Speed Programme to make it easy for these chains to include ZUMEX’s juicers in their stores. With the Speed Programme, retailers can set up the juice corner that best suits their individual needs in three simple steps, based on different podiums, finishes and accessories to customise the Speed S +plus and Speed Up models, creating an attractive and functional juice corner.

"The idea behind this innovative approach is for our customers to be able to offer their consumers a unique, sophisticated experience. A freshly squeezed juice service they value that generates loyalty, and revitalizes the fresh produce section as well as responding to a culture that is moving relentlessly towards an ever healthier way of life, while at the same time boosting the profitability of their business", points out Victor Bertolín, CEO of ZUMEX®.

These premium technologies which, together with Versatile Pro, a lighter juicer with a functional design that is ideal for creating an easy, comfortable and modern self-service environment, have triumphed on the shelves of Italian supermarkets and other exclusive outlets, leading to a 50% growth of the firm in this market in 2018.