Texcare Asia 2017 was the first venue for the international launch of the group’s new manufacturing and sales subsidiary Girbau Shenguang Laundry Technology, set up to meet the growing, exacting demand on the Chinese market.

From 27-29 September, in Shanghai, the Girbau group showed off its latest innovations in laundry and energy saving solutions, focusing primarily on sectors displaying strong growth like wet cleaning, vended laundries and industrial laundries. For wet cleaning the Aquatouch® and All Wet® systems were presented, two comprehensive solutions from Girbau developed together with Seitz and Büfa respectively, two leading partners on the market with a long history of chemical products for the washing process.

Also showcased was the new HS6032 washing machine with a capacity of 32 kg, and the new FR+ flatwork folder for industrial laundries.

Another of the centres of interest was GirbauMax®, a virtual reality app enabling customers to design their own laundry and then take a virtual tour of it. This gives them a realistic idea of how the project will look, allowing them to give feedback in real time so that it can be completed by creating just the installation the customer is aiming at. GirbauMax® stood out as an incredible tool for planning every project in detail.

At our China subsidiary’s booth, Girbau Shenguang Laundry Technology exhibited the latest environmental friendly and efficient gas heated tumbler dryer and high speed flatwork ironing line.

During the fair, the Girbau sales and technical team worked on different high-output laundry projects in Asia.

Reception and visit to the Girbau Shenguang Laundry Technology production site for customers and distributors.

The day before Texcare opened, Girbau laid on a reception for customers and distributors where it presented the group’s strategic direction both globally and in the Asia-Pacific region.

On the 28th they were offered a tour of the new facilities at Girbau Shenguang Laundry Technology. The factory is the most modern in the group, equipped with production technologies that include digitally controlled machining centres, laser sheet cutting and automatic sheet metal folding, all controlled by a modern integrated ERP system. Girbau Shenguang Laundry Technology has become the first international company in the laundry equipment industry to manufacture the full range of products required by a laundry in China.

Texcare Asia was also the venue for an event organised by the Girbau group to welcome members of Girbau Shenguang Laundry Technology, with the aim of presenting the group’s history, values and strategic goals, as well as strengthening relations between the two teams.

About Girbau (www.girbau.com)

With 57 years’ experience, Girbau is a world leader in the manufacture of laundry equipment of all sizes installed in businesses of all kinds: hotels, hospitals, restaurants, industrial laundries, coin-op laundries, campsites, cruise ships,…. The group offers global laundry solutions based on efficiency, cost-effectiveness and sustainability, by applying continuous reinvestment in innovation and the goal of continuous improvement.

With six production centers, it has subsidiaries in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Cuba, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Portugal, Spain, the Dominican Republic, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and the US, plus a network of dealers and technical services in over 100 countries around the world.