To marks its 100th anniversary in a historic location (the old factory in Poble Nou, Barcelona) Simon has dreamt up Espacio100, an interactive showroom for the presentation of its new collection: Simon|100.

The industrial and interior design studio of Antoni Arola devised Espacio100 as a space where the company’s history and vision coalesce. The space invites us to take a journey through various immersion experiences, to discover tomorrow and the capacity for evolution of these mechanisms called upon to turn on not just light in the near future, but experience and, in turn, emotions as well.

With a unique installation, we are first received by the HUB socket, which houses the invisible technology that allows all the mechanisms to interact in the space. The Simon|100 push mechanisms activate new experiences on the journey. Automatic doors will open, guiding lights will be turned on – the visitor will discover something new behind each switch on the journey. These actions orchestrated together endow Espacio100 with the Simon Light Up Emotions concept.

An immersion room coloured by light reveals how playing with and pushing the various switches transforms the colour of the space. Light bathes the space with gradient colours, changing from one tone to another, becoming darker and lighter on the backlit curved wall. The enveloping changes in colour throughout the space and the large mirror that houses the push switches motivates visitors, without fail, to capture each colour in a portrait.

Another room evokes the sensations transmitted by various states of nature. Transparent umbrellas are available to visitors so they can even step out into the dark rain. A truly poetic experience that, nevertheless, demonstrates what it means to have maximum control over our experiences in spaces through Simon|100.

In the next room, a cinema screen recreates the audiovisual experience at home, but on a larger scale and as a potential recreational format thanks to the simplicity of new technology. Several movies are projected on the three walls of the cinema cube. A totem of switches arranged in a way unlike what we’re used to seeing on the wall invites us to push them and change the projected scenes on a shocking scale. Moments that form part of our collective imagination – from classic films by Jacques Tati, Chaplin, Kubrick and Tarantino – are linked to push buttons and technology, much like the very situation the visitor finds themselves in at that moment: experimenting and discovering.

In yet another room the visitor becomes familiarized with the collection and explores its various characteristics: its appearance and finishes, the direct application of the various experience and solution kits, and how the iO Simon app uses connectivity.

There is also an auditorium and café in Espacio100, where attendees of the various conferences can reflect on and learn more about this technology and the future of the Internet of things (IoT) – the concept behind the inauguration of this new period at Simon.

In the workshop area, and through audiovisual support, it becomes clear that Simon has eliminated any complication from this collection – making difficult things easy – such as in how simple the installation process has become.
In Espacio100 motivation and simplicity in the face of the imminent digitalization of spaces abound.