http://www.kemitron.comFor more than 40 years, the manufacturer Kemitron has been distributing high-class products for the international spa and wellness market, which are designed, developed and manufactured in its own production facility in Wendlingen, Germany, For Technico – the company's technical division – the new Automatic.Arom and Automatic.Arom Start fragrance dosing pumps have now been introduced. Like all Kemitron products, these pumps are easy to use and come ready to install. They shine in a new and modern design. The dosing pumps with bellows technology are used in steam baths, rhassoul, experience showers and saunas. 

The pump is programmable, the dosing process runs automatically. After starting the device, the dosing pump delivers the programmed amount of fragrance. The fragrant scent diffuses in the corresponding room. When the intended amount of fragrance is reached, the pause time, which is also programmable, begins. After the pause time has elapsed, the programme starts again with the fragrance dosing. This programme cycle is repeated until the stop button is pressed. 

Both pumps differ only in the required call-up voltage. The Technico dosing pumps come in a closed, splash-proof plastic housing. They are driven by a motor. 

The new Automatic.Arom dosing pump is the successor model to the following existing dosing pumps: 

  • Shower.Arom 
  • Repetic.Arom 
  • Vapor.Arom 

And the new Automatic.Arom Start dosing pump is the modernisation of the following existing dosing pumps: 

  • Automatic.Arom Start 
  • Shower.Arom Start 
  • Repetic.Arom Start 

In addition, the company also produces the respective fragrances required. These are marketed under the brand name Aromee. The standard range includes a total of 60 fragrances, which are available in different intensities and for different areas of application. They range from fruity, delicate floral notes to refreshing herbs and woody, tart aromas. They are complemented by seasonally available fragrances; individual compositions are also possible on request. 

The company has remained true to its high quality standards for decades: "We keep the entire value chain in our own hands, from the selection of raw materials to the development and production of the fragrances," says Stephan Mayer-Klenk, Managing Director of Kemitron. The company predominantly uses a high concentration of natural essential oils for the compositions. Because only these achieve the corresponding effect on body and senses. All fragrances and aromatic substances that Kemitron purchases and uses are subject to the IFRA standard code, which is based on scientific analyses by RIFM. Thanks to these conscientiously followed basic principles, Kemitron fragrances remain stable in their intensity even when the packaging is in use for a longer period of time. In addition, Kemitron fragrances are characterised by yield, high potency and the resulting economy. The fragrances can be ordered directly via the Kemitron webshop or via distributors. 

Areas of application: sauna, Finnish sauna, steam bath, aroma steam bath, bio sauna, experience showers, brine inhalation, tepidarium, room fragrancing, rhassoul, whirlpool, jacuzzi, hot tub and Cleopatra bath. 

For more than three decades, Kemitron has been intensively involved in the development of fragrances and their optimal dosage in spa and wellness facilities. In addition to the composition of high-quality fragrances, the overall product range also includes the production of suitable dosing pumps and systems for saunas and steam baths as well as room fragrancing and control systems for experience showers. Furthermore, Kemitron carries skin care products and disinfection and care cleaning products. 

Kemitron's customers include some of the world's finest hotels, as well as spa, wellness and fitness facilities, public baths and thermal springs. In combination with Kemitron products, worlds of experience can be composed from coloured light effects, music, various rain shower effects and nuances of fragrance.