Juice businesses and producers in London, New York, San Francisco, Melbourne, Munich, Paris, Florence or Copenhagen place their trust in JuiceTech technology to offer a wide range of juices, with the guarantee of obtaining high profitability and a fast return on investment. The success of the JuiceTech Solutions line lies in the way its modular system adapts to the fruit and vegetable processing of any type of juice business.

The juice culture, driven by a booming worldwide healthy lifestyle, is on the rise. Fruit and vegetables, sources of vitamins and nutrients, are becoming increasingly important in diets, conquering the most demanding palates with delicious and healthy freshly prepared juice, multifruit, cold press or smoothie proposals.

This passion for fresh juice and a healthy world has led to the appearance of many juice producers and brands in the UK and in countries from the five continents, that find in ZUMEX, world leaders in the design and manufacture of exclusive juice extraction systems. They are the strategic partner of reference for the development of their businesses, thanks to its JuiceTech Solutions line. This is a modular system comprised of an extensive range of equipment for fruit and vegetable processing, for both small and medium-sized productions of citrus fruit, pomegranates, and other fruit and vegetable juices.

Undoubtedly, the different equipment solutions developed by engineers from the ZUMEX Food Engineering business line, specialised in designing and developing bespoke projects and installations, to obtain juice at an industrial level, respond to a market need that demands juice processing solutions, from start to finish.

Quality technology for any type of business

An example of its success is the reception, by flagships worldwide, of Citrus Z450, the robust and reliable industrial juicer to extract juice from oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, limes, lemons and pomegranates, thanks to the pomegranate version. From major brands from the cradle of cold press juices such as Squish Supply or Sundance (London), Juice Press (New York), Solti (San Diego), Urban Remedy (San Francisco) or in Europe, Frankly Juice (Copenhagen), to large multinational companies such as Del Monte, for its short-life fresh juice lines with flash pasteurising in different parts of the world. The presence of installations designed by Zumex Food Engineering in the five continents is proof of the company’s capacity to provide different industrial juice production solutions.

Starting with one juice extraction unit, the possibilities offered by the JuiceTech line products are manifold, with lines for pre-processing raw material, for fruit selection, washing and calibration; fruit processing systems, with continuous belt presses, hydraulic presses or juice extractors; to pasteurising and heat treatment systems, thus obtaining long and medium-life pasteurised juices; or packing lines.

"Every detail of our equipment is designed to achieve the highest performance and reliability", highlights Jose Mataix, business development director of the ZUMEX industrial division. "Customers seek innovation and support to promote their businesses, and we have the keys to offer them the machinery they need, in addition to a comprehensive advisory service to make the launch of their juice business a total success".

MASTERY triumphs in major capitals all over the world

Another of the most successful solutions of the JuiceTech Solutions line, since its launch, is MASTERY, the ZUMEX cold press system, which has become consolidated as the most efficient proposal within its category at a global level. In addition to its ground-breaking, safe and functional design, this semi-industrial proposal guarantees high performance, as it extracts and preserves the vitamins and nutrients of fruit and vegetable juices, as well as plant milk, intact, without applying heat.

At the same time, its productivity and versatility permit easy, fast and clean creation and personalisation of juices, a feature that is greatly appreciated by businesses and brands in major cities worldwide, that provide a fine and varied offer of all types of juices. Such as, for instance, Gradegold Catering in London, Yuícery in Munich; O’ju Bio in Paris; Depuravita in Florence; Misuko in Brussels; Gló in Copenhagen or Juico in Istanbul. Furthermore, its high capacity to adapt to different spaces has enabled it to conquer chains such as 365+ FOODSTORE or Juiced Life in Australia, La Presse Jus in Canada, or 11:11 Health Bar in the United States.

"The success of MASTERY is based on how we have reinterpreted the cold press technology; then adding new features that increase reliability, safety and hygiene, such as its control panel from where all the machine operations can be carried out and from where the crushing and pressing operations can be programmed, and to its preset programmes. It also offers the possibility of personalising them. In addition, this machine, designed with an attractive look and great robustness, provides juice bars with a powerful industrial equipment that their customers can see, adapting both to small businesses and to large juice bar chains that require a reliable and relatively large production," Mataix points out. Many of them, he adds, "have trusted in ZUMEX Food Engineering for their growth, acquiring Juice Tech line equipment as needed for greater productions".