This new body treatment targets cellulite reduction and a more sculpted silhouette. Clarins new body contouring protocol allows you to leave the spa feeling incredibly light and good about your body. It’s really motivating!

A highly personalized treatment

  • You’ll undergo a body contouring evaluation before the treatment begins.
  • Products that meet your needs + 100% manual massage movements + targeted areas to be treated = a customised approach to meeting your specific contouring goals!

Clarins 100% manual massage method: 60 years of professional experience, high-performing plant-based productsand all the expertise Clarins Beauty Therapists have to offer.

Reinforced, targeted contouring action

  • 40 minutes of body-shaping massage softens tissues, loosens cellulite and stimulates lymphatic circulation.


ClarinsPRO Active Contouring Supplement is enriched in quince leaf extract known for its ability to stimulate the removal of lipids and regulate the overproduction of fibers responsible for the rigidification of adipose tissue.

  • ten minutes of intense contouring massage helps refine targeted areas (thighs, hips, abdomen or arms).


ClarinsPRO Thermo-Activated Contouring Mask is enriched in quince leaf extract and has an exclusive gel-in-oil texture to help target cellulite, firm and smooth the skin.

Proven*, immediate results and a long-lasting effect


After only one Contour Shaper treatment:Around the thighs:
– 0.42 cm*
Around the knees:
– 0.32 cm*
Around the ankles:
– 0.27 cm*


The treatment, coupled with a Clarins body contouring program, has a slimming action:

Around the thighs:
– 0.69 cm**
Around the knees:
– 0.66 cm**
Around the ankles:
– 0.34 cm**