OTTAWA, Ontario – Upkeeply, a new Progressive Web Application (PWA) that improves overall guest services and hotel maintenance, has been launched. With technology that can transform the hospitality industry, Upkeeply boosts efficiency, schedules preventative maintenance, manages communication, and more.

“Upkeeply is built specifically with the user in mind," said Jeff Bowes, Upkeeply's Founder and CEO. “The simplicity and user-friendliness can be felt from the first moment of use. Great user interfaces tend to be nearly invisible. They're not made up of elaborate frills or unnecessary elements. A quality user interface is made up of elements that are logical and concise and make the user feel at ease and not overwhelmed with unnecessary clutter. That’s how we have engineered Upkeeply.” Pre-launch users have affirmed the value of this design approach.

The Upkeeply team has more than 90 years of combined experience in the hospitality and information technology industries. They have mastered hotel operations, facilities, housekeeping, guest services, hotel software implementation, and web development. Upkeeply replaces outdated, inadequate systems with the most powerful, cost-effective, and easy-to-use hotel workflow efficiency software on the market.

Bowes said the app replaces multiple applications and communication tools with one application—designed from the ground up. The app’s integrated messaging option enables guests to chat directly with the hotel from their mobile devices through WhatsApp.

Among its features, the all-in-one Upkeeply app allows hoteliers to monitor their property's preventative maintenance programs’ progress, have instant video chats with their employees and receive real-time updates and notifications from every department. It also supports asset management, allows for mobile inspections, and offers an auto-dispatching ticketing system.

Upkeeply gives each department the ability to focus on its responsibilities by configuring a custom dashboard and filtering screen data without being cluttered with irrelevant messages. In addition, Upkeeply eliminates separate chat or communications apps to talk to teams. Upkeeply has three options for communicating: text, voice, and video chat.

With Upkeeply, preventative maintenance programs can be created and monitored with just a few taps. These programs' progress can be monitored straight from the application, where photos, documents, and notes can be added for each task.

"Using the power of AI and Machine Learning, Upkeeply will be the best of the best, and we will never stop innovating," Bowes added. "Our strong focus on customer service and support will help elevate us to a level that hotels are not used to but wholeheartedly deserve. Great software that solves problems, along with our commitment and emphasis on the customer, is what will set us apart."

Plans for the future include Upkeeply's HELP Module (Housekeeping Efficiency, Labor and Productivity), enhancements to the guest-to-hotel integration, and an internal staff scheduling module.

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