Changing attitudes towards the role of reusable beverage cups in the hospitality sector since the onset of Covid, has led to a surge of interest in hygienic cup dispensers, explains Guy Cooper, Managing Director of Mitchell & Cooper:

“In recent years, foodservice outlets have significantly reduced the quantity of disposable cups being purchased, with many operators financially incentivising customers to utilise reusable alternatives. However, with a much greater focus in recent weeks on hygiene and reducing the amount of ‘touchpoints’ for both customers and staff, the demand for single use options has significantly increased and with that, the need to store them hygienically.”

Key to the hygiene credentials of a dispenser is the quality of the gasket. This helps to seal the rim of the cup from external elements, whilst a tight fit will ensure that just one cup is dispensed at a time. Manufactured in the UK, the Mitchell & Cooper brand, Bonzer supply a range of dispensers, from traditional gravity fed options that can be wall mounted for an immediate solution, right through to elevated options that can be installed vertically or horizontally and feature a spring mounted mechanism. Both come with a food-grade silicone gasket designed to withstand daily usage. For more immediate solutions, the Hexdome and Inline dispensers can be placed on a counter and are designed to hold a variety of cup sizes and lids.

Guy continues:

“Whilst the arguments for reusable options cannot be denied from an environmental perspective, there were many questions about their use from a hygiene one, even before the situation we find ourselves in now. Although disposable cups provide a more hygienic solution, this is only the case if they are stored in the correct way. Cup dispensers not only provide this, but also deliver the perfect solution for self-service locations where the customer is in control.”

All dispensers come with a 2-year warranty, are NSF certified and are manufactured at Mitchell & Cooper’s factory in East Sussex. They are available as both stainless steel and plastic options and come in 2 different lengths.

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