Since February this year, Chef Claudio Sadler’s Restaurant has left its historic Milanese location on the Naviglio Pavese canal to move to its new and refined location at 14 Via dell’Annunciata, just a few steps from the Brera Art Gallery and the Fashion District, at the Hotel Casa Baglioni Milan.

Sadler’s Restaurant, in its new location in an elegant Art Nouveau building dating back to 1913, bears the crisp and unmistakable signature of the starred chef, holding firm to his evolving philosophy of modern cuisine.

Among the elements of continuity after the change of address is the confirmation of the partnership between Chef Sadler and Tecnoinox, a Friuli-based company that designs and manufactures modular kitchens, combi steamers and salamanders for Ho.Re.Ca. professionals. In setting up the restaurant kitchen, in fact, Claudio Sadler once again turned to Tecnoinox when it came to choosing key components such as ovens and modular cooking.

Started several years ago with mutual satisfaction, the collaboration goes far beyond the relationship between a technical supplier and a customer, because it is based on synergy and shared values, such as a constant pursuit of excellence and a passion for innovation.

“For years I have been able to appreciate the performance, reliability and manufacturing quality of Tecnoinox ovens; I consider them to be advanced cooking equipment, extremely efficient when it comes to simplifying workflows in the preparation of gourmet menus” – Claudio Sadler explains. “The benefits of their automatic functions never take over creativity and personal control, rather providing an excellent base on which to work to offer that extra something that every customer unconditionally expects and deserves. This is why it was completely natural to rely on Tecnoinox again for the restaurant kitchen at the Baglioni.”

Sadler’s choice

Chef Sadler’s choice fell on TAP in the 6 GN 1/1 pans version. Much more than a combi oven with a digital interface, TAP is top of the line in the Tecnoinox range: an evolved, easy and intuitive cooking solution that combines advanced functionality and ease of use to allow the Chef to efficiently organize the work of the brigade, achieving consistent results and concrete savings in time, energy and raw materials.

In the kitchen of Sadler’s Restaurant-which offers dishes ranging from a la carte breakfast to light lunch up to a star-rated gourmet dinner menu-the crucial need for total reliability and robustness of the equipment has been met by placing a Tecnocombi in the 6 GN 1/1 pans version alongside TAP. Tecnocombi is a combi oven designed and built to make the work of chefs and catering professionals easier and more profitable, sustaining intensive use and ensuring consistently excellent performance. The kitchen at 14 Via dell’Annunciata also features multiple cooking functions from the Tecno74 modular range, combining performance, robustness and intelligent use of space.