Tuesday, March 29th, 2022 – London, UK – Cendyn, a catalyst for digital transformation in the hospitality industry, announces today that Beaumier Hotels has selected Cendyn to power CRM across their portfolio of luxury hotels in Switzerland and France. Beaumier Hotels was looking for a strategic technology partner to provide a sophisticated guest intelligence and marketing automation solution that enabled them to personalize the guest journey and create tailored marketing campaigns for their hotel guests.

Using Cendyn’s industry-leading CRM platform, Beaumier Hotels gain actionable insights into the unique preferences of each guest and deliver unforgettable experiences throughout every touchpoint in the guest journey. Cendyn's CRM platform provides an in-depth view of each guest's interests, historical spending, and behaviors by allowing access to a unified guest profile that collects and organizes data from numerous sources. Each hotel in the Beaumier Collection will have access to the data they need to create tailored guest experiences that increase revenue and nurture loyalty, thanks to the CRM's ability to automate, segment audiences, and deliver real-time reporting.

“With our current hotels and plans for future expansion, we knew we needed a CRM that would work across the entire portfolio, continue to scale as we grow, and allow us to craft even more one-of-a-kind experiences that immerse guests in the essence of each destination. We’re thrilled to work with Cendyn to further personalize our offerings and connect with our guests on a deeper, more impactful level.” said Marc Charlot, Director of Sales & Marketing at Beaumier.

“Cendyn is excited to work with Beaumier as they embark on the next evolution of their brand. With a new age of digital transformation on the horizon for our industry, hotels and resorts must take the time to leverage the data they have and use it effectively to tailor guest experiences. With access to Cendyn’s CRM, Beaumier has the tools they need to elevate and personalize every guest experience and continue driving demand as they expand to additional locations.” said John Seaton, Chief Revenue Officer at Cendyn.