Following Red Dot, BDNY, Monocle, Iconic Awards, Dezeen, Good Design, Nu receives another prestigious international design award. 

Nu picks up its seventh international design award since its launch less than a year ago.

Nu wins the iF DESIGN AWARD 2024, a world-renowned design prize presented by iF International Forum Design GmbH, the oldest independent design organisation based in Hannover, Germany.

The original and vivid faucet collection’s multiple handle options and finishes impressed the 132-member jury of independent experts from around the world. The competition was fierce, with nearly 11,000 entries vying for recognition from 72 countries.

Nu has become the most awarded product in Roca’s history, captivating design enthusiasts worldwide. Since its launch in Frankfurt last year, it has received several prestigious international design awards, including Red Dot, BDNY, Monocle Design, Iconic, Dezeen, Good Design and IF, cementing its position at the pinnacle of design excellence.

With a bold approach to colour and a strong sustainability aspect, this vibrant collection inspired by the Mediterranean palette embodies Roca’s heritage and values. Marc Viardot, Roca’s global design and marketing director, is pleased with the recognition Nu has received, "Although winning awards isn't our primary objective, the resounding recognition of Nu's daring yet cheerful design from Spain is truly motivating."

Colour Calling

Designer Inma Bermúdez’s visionary approach is evident in Nu’s Pin, Dome, and Stripes handles. These handles feature distinctive shapes that combine innovation with sustainability. From the rounded contour of Dome to the graceful bird-like form of Pin, to the textured surface of Stripes, each handle exudes its own unique charm. Inma Bermúdez emphasises the collection's vitality, which aims to infuse joy into everyday experiences, with subtle design elements, such as smile-inducing hot and cold water indicators.

Nu's innovation extends to sustainability practices. With the aerator discreetly integrated into the faucet and the Cold Start system in place, Nu effectively reduces water consumption with each use, mitigating unnecessary CO2 emissions. In addition, the elimination of single-use plastics in packaging and the collection's European manufacturing contribute to a lower overall carbon footprint.

Bold without being garish, Nu’s elegant colours add something truly unique to Roca’s faucet catalogue. Likewise, Nu is a versatile collection, providing architects and interior designers with a choice to complement their personal style.