Could you tell us about Xcellnc’?

Paulina Maria Galinksa: Xcellnc’ has different meanings for different people, because different things are subjectively and emotionally excellent for them, even if, objectively, these things are not perfect. Xcellnc’ is a way of creating an environment to stimulate all five human senses and experience life in a deeper way. It’s a symbol of an attitude to life based on improving the quality of our existence. It’s also a set of particular values that have become the basis of the brand philosophy: a way of thinking and a concept of life.

For hotels looking for touches of luxury to boost guest satisfaction, we offer a solution with no upfront investment. Our exclusive massage chairs can be installed in-room for guests to use at their convenience, in private, with no need to pay per session. We channel our understanding of happiness to bring you a happy, relaxed, loyal guest.

How did you develop your brand’s central philosophy?

I consider myself an ambassador of happiness, helping to define [happiness] in our philosophy, work and life experience. It’s a fusion of different cultures, traditions and faiths. It started from my own pursuit of happiness, stretching over countless journeys and contacts with more than 70 nations. While seeing the world, I discovered the universal values and needs: health, wealth, experience and relationships, but I believe that self-awareness helps you to find your own happiness, based on satisfaction. We are the masters of our lives and we need to be active to be truly satisfied.

Doctors around the world tell us that just 15 minutes of massage a day can relieve pain, stimulate circulation, help our muscles to heal and release endorphins.

How does the Xcellnc’ concept work in practice for hotel operators?

Our cashless service includes advice on business psychology solutions, innovative room upgrades and a unique guest experience. Along with the in-room service, we also help hotels create an ‘Xperience Room’, designed to stimulate all the senses and bring our wellness programme to guests. It allows operators to create a unique comfort zone where the guest can totally relax and forget about the world outside.

We see the Xperience Room, in particular, as a great opportunity for the business travel sector. It can be hard to make sure your guests go home with positive memories of a hotel when they’re travelling for work, but what they need most is a healthy way to reconnect with their bodies and themselves. We offer a low-cost way to give guests an escape from the stress and fatigue of travelling for work. Hotels can join us as pioneers in co-creating a culture of happiness.

What do you think stands out about your approach to guest loyalty?

We aim to create healthy habits in guests. As human beings, we experience the world through our senses, so we aim to create a supportive environment to indulge those senses. Doctors around the world tell us that just 15 minutes of massage a day can relieve pain, stimulate circulation, help our muscles to heal and release endorphins, the ‘happy hormone’. But it’s also pleasant and people get a little addicted. Our solution is based on natural, human needs that have always existed, but that people might not be aware of. We provide satisfaction to those who understand their own needs and inspire those who do not. For us, loyalty is long-term trust, and happy, healthy guests are where that trust begins.

Where do you plan on taking Xcellnc’ next?

The concept of the Xperience Room for hoteliers is our first project, but not the only business initiative. We will reveal our future, revolutionary solutions for other business segments soon. However, I can mention that we are introducing the Xperience Room to the corporate environment, for companies looking to improve the wellbeing of their employees. I personally believe that healthy employees are happy ones and an effective wellness programme builds up employee morale in the same way: guests associate their positive feelings with you and your brand, and they’re drawn back for more.