When planning a hotel, it’s fundamental to keep in mind the public that it will eventually serve, adapting the design of its spaces based on the preferences and lifestyle of future guests. With Vibia, strong links are forged to technology and design.

Having a clear idea about what is needed for a hotel’s design and not being able to provide the imagined solution can present an obstacle. The various collections from Vibia allow light to be moulded within an abstract context with the support of technical back-up from an entire team of professionals for the creation of customised products that are adapted luminously and are capable of satisfying the specific requirements of each space.

These customisable systems offer a singular and beautiful response that also provides efficient energy savings and easy maintenance thanks to the use of prime-quality LED technology that can be operated with special control systems, recreating multiple scenic effects, ambiences and well-being.

Living temporary spaces

The client’s first contact with the hotel takes place within the reception hall, and that first impression will be a determining factor in their sensation of having made the right decision regarding their choice of hotel. They are normally large and airy spaces where character is expressed through the use of sculptural chandeliers that become feature elements that fill the spatial volume and illuminate it in style.

Within these zones that normally accommodate a lot of activity, there are also quieter areas where guests can wait and socialise; areas where warm lighting creates the atmosphere necessary to generate feelings of greater comfort, relaxation and confidentiality.

The reception counter is a work space where tasks are carried out that require a lot of visual concentration. Its surface should be lit directly but without generating glare for either party; the pendant and ceiling lights from Vibia are adapted to specific dimensions, providing accent lighting that defines it as an element and draws attention to its importance within the space.

The walls that surround the counter provide the best canvas for the creation of art, the free composition of light groupings create sculptural murals of light and shadows on the background walls, customising the space and generating a contrasting plane that helps identify it.

In restaurants, bars and cafes, Vibia uses flexible systems that are capable of adapting to the uniqueness of each of the spaces in order to generate background top-down general illumination, combined with points of accent placed over functional elements like tables and bars.

Elsewhere, multipurpose meeting rooms require systems that allow the reproduction of different ambiences, control and settings; dynamic light to satisfy the different users of the space and different programmes depending on the context, representing diverse settings.

A hotel room is a versatile space given that it is a private area used primarily for relaxation, rest and intimacy, which, on occasion, can be used for work or holding a meeting. It’s the space where the lighting provided should be at the service of the guest. Combinations of systems in harmony and easily controlled by the user should be used, including floor and table lamps that create comfort, reading lights for enjoying a good book, sconce light murals and ceiling lights that create an ambience.

Guest experience

Hotel guests should leave happy when their stay is over. Upon checking out of the hotel, they should have the sensation that the experience and the space were conceived to satisfy their needs and personal requirements.

The lighting is a variable that affects our state of being and harmony, and perception of a space, converting it into a primordial constructive element for moulding the sensorial experience of the client, contributing to the stimulus lived out during the hotel stay, determined by the levels of emotional and practical comfort that should be positive, memorable and pleasant.

The CREA collections by Vibia offer tailor-made solutions, customised spaces and uniquely designed products adapted to the various areas of life around a hotel.