TRT World is a unique international news platform launched in 2015 and headquartered in Istanbul, with four newsrooms and over 300 journalists located around the world.

Strategically designed to maximise our global reach, we are broadly available in all major English speaking territories and can be accessed via traditional media, including free-to-air, cable and satellite, and other digital platforms, including mobiles, desktops and social media.

At TRT World, we believe in positive change through debate and understanding. Our tone is conversational, provocative and motivational without resorting to sensationalism. Our programmes strive to connect with each member of our audience simply by reporting world events in an inspiring and inviting way.

What we do

We focus on the people living the news that we report 24/7. TRT World is news told from every angle. This ‘field first’ approach aims to inspire change by empathising and connecting with our audience.

How we work

We put people at the heart of each story, raising global awareness by focusing on the stories that need to be told to promote a deeper understanding of our cultural diversity.

Our distribution

We are available in 190 countries worldwide in HD across 12 satellites, major TV and digital platforms, airlines, hotels, cruise lines and homes.