Founded in 1987, TITAN Containers offers day-to-day hire and sales services globally, operating in almost all European countries. With more than 200 depot locations worldwide, TITAN’s aim is to offer the best possible solution to meet its customers’ needs and improve their bottom lines.

Hotel and resort cold rooms

With new hotel and resort developments, and when refurbishing existing properties, chill and frozen cold rooms can cost a large amount. TITAN can help to significantly reduce these spends with its quality containers. Their advantages include:

  • food-grade stainless steel and aluminium interiors
  • many different sizes with variable door designs
  • internal lighting and ‘person-trapped’ alarm
  • operating set point of -40 to 30°C or -40 to 86°F at ambient temperatures up to over 50°C/122°F
  • self-diagnostic refrigeration with digital data logger and remote monitoring options
  • new technology such as low-power Thermo King, Carrier or Daikin refrigeration
  • 100% weather-resistant exteriors.

In many countries, the renting period can be customised, ranging from a day to a week to as long as the unit is needed – in the case of an emergency breakdown or an event where extra refrigeration capacity is needed (such as catering events, concerts or exhibitions, for example), the TITAN containers are ideal.

Another positive facet of TITAN containers is their ability to eradicate mites and bugs in fabrics, furnishings, mattresses and pillows. Freezing these items to a core temperature of -40°C (-40°F) for a short period kills the living pests and their eggs. No chemicals are required and no damage is caused to the items.

Storing seasonal furniture

Around the world, many hotels use seasonal furniture. When the weather is inclement, it can be best to store such items away to ensure their protection, and what better way than with a costeffective TITAN container?

There are three options for renting or buying a TITAN container:

  • Purchase a new or used container and have this delivered to an address.
  • Rent a container for a short, medium or long period of time instead of buying.
  • Rent a container at a TITAN self-storage site, or use its loaded-storage option if access is not required 24/7.

Modular accommodation

Low-cost staff accommodation can be supplied as finished units and, in some cases, as flat-pack modules for assembly on-site. The TITAN range includes simple rooms, such as offices or gate-security rooms, luggage and personnel X-ray security tunnels to complete on-site living areas for staff.

Containers can be modified or purpose built to many applications, and container bars and cafes are currently in vogue, as they are low cost, and offer an alternative and modern architecture. There are even entire hotels that have been built using TITAN containers as building blocks.