TigerTMS – Enhancing performance, productivity and the guest experience

TigerTMS has been servicing the hospitality industry for over 40 years.  Their wealth of experience drives the delivery of world-class Hospitality Applications – transforming hotel operations and enhancing the guest experience for over 18,000 hotels.

They provide a range of market-leading applications and middleware that covers communications and guest management systems, integrated voice and data solutions, as well as the latest technology for the guests’ mobile device.

TigerTMS is dedicated to helping its clients enhancing their performance, increase productivity and improve the guest experience.

Transforming Hotel Operations and the Guest Experience:

TigerTMS has a unique insight into the requirements of the market and has produced a range of accessible solutions that transforms hotel operations and enhances the guest experience.

Their latest offering provides a real alternative for hoteliers who are looking to introduce mobile app technology to their guests – iPortal.  Their full range of solutions include:

Gain flexibility and save time and cost with the world’s most widely deployed middleware solution.  iLink connects TigerTMS products and hundreds of other hotel applications, with more certified interfaces available on one platform, available on premise or via the cloud.

Enable fast billing of voice usage for guests and administration teams. This popular guest and call management system offers detailed and comprehensive call management and guest status reports.

Provide efficient communications and a superior experience for your guests with the world’s leading voice messaging, wake-up management and room status solution.

Enable staff to provide a greater guest experience and support emergency notifications with this unique guest services solution developed specifically for the Mitel PBX system.

Ensure guests experience secure and reliable internet connection, wherever they roam within the hotel with intelligent distribution of bandwidth across your entire property.

The no download, zero footprint approach to guest information with integrated voice and messaging technology – with no need to install a mobile app, and no hefty development fees.

The new way to communicate with your guests; with a quick opt-in to receive hotel notifications, your guests can chat with hotel agents using iNotify via WhatsApp.

How to request a demo or obtain free, no obligation advice

The TigerTMS solutions enable hotels to personalise and meet the needs of individual guests. To find out how the technology from TigerTMS can help enhance your hotel’s performance, increase productivity and improve the guest experience, you can visit their website, or email, telephone or complete the form below.