It is the combination of three different zones that makes the emco entrance matting system so powerful. Each individual zone is, used on its own, extremely effective and enormously resilient, but together they develop their full power.

Threefold savings

Three-zone cleaning from emco not only provides comprehensive protection against dirt and building damage, it also ensures that expensive cleaning costs are reduced. Each zone on its own will reduce the need for cleaning, but when installed as a complete system, you will have the power of three zones that will reduce the dirt input by up to 90%.

It depends on the load

All emco entrance mats are available with two load-bearing profiles. The Diplomat profile is ideal for buildings with normal and heavy loads. The Marschall profile offers special protection under extreme loads and also stands up to being driven on with industrial trucks.

You can thus adapt your entrance mat perfectly to meet the required building load. And if the situation changes you can easily retrofit the existing system.

In addition to the original inserts, emco has developed a range of completely new premium inserts so that you can benefit from such strong properties as being tested for fire behaviour or considerably reducing walking noise.

But no matter the format you choose, emco will always convince with the highest quality.