While the guests enjoy the ambience of the 110-seat Friedrichs restaurant at Germany’s four-star hotel, 47°, surveying the beauty of Lake Constance and the Alps, the kitchen staff are hard at work in the busy eatery. Helping them out is the powerful and reliable thermaline 85 Modular cooking suite, part of the Electrolux Professional horizontal cooking range, best suited to demanding catering environments where quality is paramount and 450 meals are served every day.

Confident in Electrolux’s products, Frederichs’ kitchen also has an air-o-steam combi oven, a blast chiller/freezer, electric braising pans, ecostore refrigeration, high-speed panini grills and other preparation equipment. It’s possible to have multiple appliances in the kitchen, because the thermaline 85 Modular range has been designed to fit into tight nooks and crannies for maximum space; however, downsizing has caused no loss in performance, cleanliness and attractiveness.

The thermaline Modular 85 has been built strong. With a robust, 2mm-thick AISI 304 stainless steel internal frame, it is resistant to bumps and corrosion. Its chassis is structurally solid and adaptable to multiple installation settings, whether it is placed on feet, cantilevers or stainless steel and concrete plinths. Prescient of kitchen needs, the savvy design is modular so it can be set up according to multiple configurations – against the wall and back-to-back – and provides a wide range of cooking functions with cook tops, work tops and bases for hot, cold, neutral and holding applications.

Adaptable, safe and seamless

The new free-cooking top enables pots and pans to be used simultaneously, in direct contact with the top. At 850mm deep, the Modular 85 range of stoves provides flexibility. Whether the chef or menu is new, or circumstances require operational changes, the cooking block can be adapted or expanded according to the needs of the day. Available as electric (IPX5) and or gas (IPX4), the designs meet the level of protection required by IEC directives, making them safe against jets of water.

Seamless connection between cooking functions and protection against liquid makes deep-cleaning the Modular 85 an easy job. The drop-nose top protects the front of the appliances from grime. In addition, the bases can be made upon request according to H2 or H3 hygiene standards. The non-slip silicone knobs are heatresistant, while the laser-printed icons are clearly visible, detergentfriendly, resistant to corrosion and hard on germs and bacteria.

By placing raised drip edges around all the functions with wells, liquids, oils or detergents won’t flow into the well from the surface. Free-cooking tops with deep-drawn drainage are available with two or four cooking zones with a surface area of 0.31m2 and 0.62m2 respectively. The built-in standby function automatically reduces power when there are no pots or food on the surface, ensuring convenient and safety during cooking.

These multifunction devices are equipped with eight sensors for optimal temperature control and monitoring ranging between 80 and 350°C, while the Ecotop alloy on steel cooking plates work at temperatures between 50 and 450°C.

Much of this design expertise happens at the company’s new production and Competence Center in Sursee, Switzerland. Committed to delivering the best equipment as well as comprehensive guidance and support to kitchen planners, Electrolux has built a sustainable production plant. Without using fossil fuels, the centre, which occupies 25,970m², relies on geothermal power in a closed heat exchange system to heat and cool the building, reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 70% each year. Sustainable lighting and new laser-cutting equipment also work to reduce energy use.

All-round sustainability

This quest for sustainability extends from the production facility to the products themselves with Electrolux Professional solutions designed to reduce water, energy and detergent consumption. Products have been built to last, with some installations working in kitchens for more than 40 years, while being ROHS and REACH-compliant, and over 95% recyclable.

Despite the equipment’s longevity, the designers are committed to improvement. In the past five years, more than 70% of Electrolux Professional solutions have been updated with features to meet customers’ needs and soften impact on the environment.

While not every kitchen is the same, the fundamentals remain consistent for all high-quality cooking requirements. Just as Frederichs has found the Electrolux thermaline range invaluable so too could the chefs in hotel kitchens around the world.