Video surveillance is a growing market sector, and with video systems getting bigger, there are more requirements to meet. There is simply not enough time to check through systems that record vast amounts of video data and, as a result, important events are often overlooked or suspicious behaviour is not spotted early enough. This led to the development of intelligent video analysis, which makes systems more manageable by focusing on the most relevant recorded events.

By processing live video images intelligently in real time in the camera, it is possible to automatically detect security risks and reduce the number of false alarms. This eases the burden on networks and computers by avoiding high storage capacities and associated costs.

Intrusion detection protects unattended areas and provides better customer service

Whenever there are staff shortages, employees have their hands full keeping track of tasks and making sure that things run smoothly. The intrusion detection function can be very useful at such times. For instance, in an unattended spa or wellness area, when the camera detects a guest waiting for staff, members of the reception crew are notified and can inform their colleagues. This decreases reaction times, improves staff planning and increases customer satisfaction. Image quality, fail-safe performance, integration capability, and ease of installation and configuration need to be perfectly synchronised. ABUS pursues this objective by researching and developing its own IP technology. Video content analysis, which functions like tamper monitoring, intelligent premises monitoring, statistical functions and image optimisation functions, is the key to getting better processes.

Finding the perfect IP camera: products that meet unique specifications

No two camera models are the same – a fact that the wide range of ABUS IP cameras can attest to. The three product lines – IP Basic Line, IP Advanced Line and IP Special Line – guarantee that the ideal camera set-up is always used, no matter the demands of the project. These can be used in various ways: high-quality cameras from the IP Basic Line are tailored to any kind of basic application, the IP Advanced Line has integrated special functions such as intrusion detection for use in demanding environments and the IP Special Line is perfect for special applications, including cameras that have a 360° angle. Challenges arising from backlight situations inside, low light and night-time outside, or surveillance of large areas can therefore be easily overcome.

As well as working at night using an innovative infrared function, new ABUS IP cameras from the basic range also allow more details to be recognised in the future thanks to four MPx resolution. In addition, they are easy to install and are attractively priced. The new True WDR cameras from the IP advanced line provide even better performance in low light and backlighting with the light-sensitive Sony image sensor.

The ABUS IP video recorders in a black and white design with the current, intuitive ABUS user interface are also new, and the new Auto Backup Recording and NVR failover functions provide increased operational reliability.