Stockinger was founded in Munich in 1978. Since then, whenever developing a new product, it has a clear aim: to build the world’s best and finest safe. Hotel Management International speaks to Matthias Fitzthum, CEO and managing partner, to find out more.

Can you explain the background of Stockinger and what makes it so unique?

Matthias Fitzthum: Uncompromising security, perfect craftsmanship, and totally individual exterior and interior design – masterpieces for people that are only satisfied by the best. Thus, Stockinger safes have a home in the high nobilities’ residences, as well as in the villas and yachts of top athletes and film stars, businessmen’s penthouses and private collectors’ lofts: customers whom we value more than anything, but whom we would never talk about – discretion is sacred to us.

Furthermore, our handcrafted safes can be found in the world’s leading hotels, resorts and chalets. The combination of security, handcrafted perfection, and custom design make Stockinger the brand for luxury and lifestyle safes, and a symbol of the excellent quality of one’s establishment.

For those who aren’t familiar with them, how would you describe the designs that Stockinger has produced?

With the aim of creating and increasing wealth for our families and future generations, it’s also our responsibility and duty to protect our precious collectibles. Our manufacturing process in Germany creates the finest bespoke safes, exclusive vault rooms and the world’s leading precision watch-winder cabinets. Since 1978, no Stockinger safe has been opened by force, and we will do anything to keep it that way. Our focus is on timeless designs with a touch of modern detail, which will be highly appreciated today and by future generations.

Can you tell us a bit more about your designs in general?

Do you want a safe in the exact colour of your darling car? No problem. Customised surface colours, structures, handles, fittings or applications – almost any wish can be fulfilled. Innumerable design variants can be realised during our manufacturing process.

They all have in common the claim of a craftsman’s perfection in their embodiment and finish. For example, incomparable colour depth is generated by up to 18 layers of varnish – more than for a Steinway grand piano.

Our passion for impeccable details is shown by the tailor-made interior equipment: drawers of vaporised stainless-steel contain bespoke inserts for jewellery, watches, documents, art or weapons, for example. And the world’s best precision watch winders control every single automatic watch individually, exactly pursuant to the respective watch-model specifications.