With its sub-tropical climate and beautiful scenary, St Helena is a gorgeous, tranquil and unique destination for an island getaway; it’s no wonder that tourism has been identified as a key component of its economic strategy. St Helena Hotel Development is offering operators the opportunity to run a new four-star boutique hotel, currently planned to open in 2016.

In the South Atlantic lies St Helena, a sub-tropical island of 122km2 and a self-governing overseas territory of the UK. The island’s currency is geared to the UK’s pound, and with Cape Town 3,139km to the south-east, the islanders enjoy a unique lifestyle in beautiful unspoilt, friendly and peaceful surroundings.

The island is poised for transformation once the construction of a new airport is completed, scheduled for early 2016; tourism has been identified as the key economic driver. St Helena Hotel Development, with support from the St Helena Government and Enterprise St Helena, is spearheading the investment into a new four-star boutique hotel with 30 en-suite double bedrooms, a bar and a restaurant, located in Jamestown, the island’s capital, to ensure high-quality hotel and hospitality at the time of the airport opening and arrival of inbound visitors.

There is potential for phased development of additional rooms as the tourism market grows. St Helena Hotel Development has identified the need to develop an upscale hotel within the splendid Georgian setting of Jamestown, suitable for use by a major international branded operator. With limited competition and potential for exclusivity in the short term, this is an exciting opportunity to establish a branded hotel business footprint in a new territory.


Only the best

St Helena Hotel Development has been established as a special purpose vehicle to develop the new hotel. The development site is owned by St Helena Hotel Development, and the company is planning to start construction in April 2015, with the hotel open for business in May 2016. Expressions of interest are now invited from hotel management companies that are interested in operating the venture.

The hotel must offer a training facility for the local tourism and hospitality industry. Companies applying to manage the hotel must demonstrate experience in operating and maintaining at least two four-star boutique hotels for at least five years in a small island environment. The company must have successfully completed at least two management contracts of a similar nature and provide résumés of hotel investors with whom it has contracted.

Additional detailed information is available on request, and interested organisations are requested to submit a positive interest via e-mail to Iain Robertson, director at St Helena Hotel Development.