The spa industry used to focus primarily on traditionally ‘feminine’ aspects of relaxation such as scents and textures, but the latest research into modern wellness and skincare promotes stress management as a pathway to healthy, rested-looking skin.

Recognising that lifestyle and environment influence skin’s overall health and appearance, QMS Medicosmetics – founded in 1986 by traumatology specialist Dr Erich Schulte – addresses signs of stressed skin that can manifest as dullness, fatigue and premature ageing.

The thing about stress is that it can permeate all aspects of our lives, and it doesn’t discriminate against age or gender. Many guests look to their time away as the opportunity to relax and unwind from the anxieties of everyday living; the hotel spa shouldn’t be overlooked as a place for all guests to de-stress – while at the same time taking away practical advice on how to tackle a fraught complexion.

The language of design

So how do you ensure all guests feel welcome in the hotel spa, and confident that the results delivered will be worth it, in relation to the time out of their stay? Firstly, simple design aspects such as colour schemes and furnishings can make your spa feel more gender-neutral and inviting to men as well as women. It sounds obvious, but using language in your treatment offering that speaks to all those leading busy lifestyles – with phrases that connect directly to their pain-points, such as ‘massage’, ‘detox’, and ‘decongesting’ – will help reassure them that the salon is a place for them, too.

Secondly, results-driven facials are a must when it comes to converting those who have previously had little experience of the spa, as these time-pressed clients will want to see an immediate improvement if they are to consider the spa as an important pit stop in the journey to stressfree skin.

So which spa brand do you trust to deliver both relaxation and results when it comes to each of your guests’ unique needs? QMS Medicosmetics is an original ‘doctor brand’, driving the development of stress-busting skincare with its doctor-led formulations and progressive treatment protocols. Now, in addition to this rich spa heritage, QMS has revealed a total brand refresh that seeks to connect with the individual needs of all clients, regardless of skin type, ethnicity, age or gender.

The power of epigenetics

Central to QMS’s approach is the harnessing of epigenetics in its formulas in order to address and correct the signs of stress in the skin. The epigenome is considered the control panel for our genes but comes under fire from environmental stressors, which can include everything from mechanical or chemical aggressions, air pollution, smoke and UV exposure, to lack of sleep and feeling overworked – stressors your guests will be well acquainted with.

The QMS EpiGen range features targeted formulas, where anti-inflammatory and anti-free-radical formulas meet the needs of skin compromised by the effects of external and internal aggressors. These products are used within QMS facial treatments, while also being available to purchase by guests seeking to continue skin-stress management following their stay.

Historically, many found skincare routines to be confusing and unnecessary, and spa treatments a superfluous indulgence during precious time off. With QMS Medicosmetics, all guests can enjoy results from their first treatment, and will come to view time spent in the hotel spa as well worth it when it comes to feeling – and looking – less stressed.