For hotels around the world, large outdoor restaurants and bars are an integral part of the hospitality experience – places for relaxing conversations in the fresh air as guests enjoy a bite to eat and a glass of wine or two. However, things become less jovial when a sudden chill or downpour begins, forcing previously happy clientele indoors and in some cases, off the premises.

To overcome this problem, hotels and hospitality companies are partnering with specialist awning providers to create awning systems that can protect guests from bad weather. This ensures that the guests can enjoy good-quality hospitality and remain secure from the destructive spontaneity of the elements.

With its distinctive range of awnings, markilux can help hotels create protective, visually appealing pergolas and awnings. The company has a wide variety of template designs and materials to choose from, most of which can be fitted with unique lighting, heating and radio control accessories.

The durable fabrics that are manufactured at the company’s headquarters are available with the client’s logo or in their corporate design colours. In addition to the classic foldingarm model, markilux also has awnings for larger areas, helping restaurants and hotels of all shapes and sizes create stylish shelters for outdoor spaces.

From creation to collaboration

Project manager Jan Kattenbeck and his colleagues oversee this service from idea creation and development, through to the advice stage, 3D visualisation and collaboration with the professionals on-site, tailoring fabrics and designs to suit the size, shape and atmosphere of these venues.

Recently, the company helped create awnings for Michelin-starred chef Ron Blaauw’s gastrobar in Amsterdam, creating a sheltered ensemble consisting of several pergolas based on a track guidance platform supported by posts and framed folding-arm awnings.

"We presided over this project from its conceptualisation right through to the installation together with our specialist Dutch partner," says Kattenbeck. "This reference is a very good example of the versatile way that our products can be combined."

The awning cover can be extended and retracted electrically, while the LED lighting and the matching radiant heaters ensure a cosy, warm feeling in the space underneath. For Blaauw, the awnings have created a versatile outdoor area that appeals to a variety of guests.

"The awning product range from markilux matches my idea of a big terrace that can be used all year round," says the head chef and restaurant owner, Blaauw. "Even when the temperature drops, you can still eat and drink in a relaxing atmosphere, [and since the installation] we are noticing that guests are staying longer."

When success pays off

After this successful collaboration, markilux also partnered with the hotel restaurant Illonn in Poznan, Poland, installing an 18m wide system with additional vertical blinds and lighting options. "We have so many projects on the go with various awning combinations," says Kattenbeck, who remains excited about future collaborations.

With its extensive product range, years of specialised expertise and an extensive network of external partners, markilux looks set to build on its past successes, and continue developing its range of stylish and practical canopies for the guests of the hotel and restaurant industry.

"It is a great success for us when the investment, made by a restaurant or hotel, in an awning system pays off," Kattenbeck says. "When guests feel comfortable under our products and that in turn increases the hotel or restaurants turnover, it is enough motivation to make sure that we get the best out of every project."