LoungeUp offers a suite of tools that allow hotels to accompany their guests along every step of their stay to improve guest satisfaction and generate additional revenue.

Pre-stay, guests can prepare their arrival with an online pre check-in and can buy additional hotel services. During their stay, a welcome portal accessible to guests through the hotel Wi-Fi and a native app allow hotels to interact with their guests, to sell their services and to share their recommendations.

Post-stay, thanks to all the relevant guest data gathered, hotels can launch targeted marketing campaigns aimed at improving guest loyalty and direct bookings.

LoungeUp allow hotels to use guest data to their advantage with targeted marketing campaigns aimed at improving guest loyalty.

This digital extension of the hotel’s existing services has many advantages: it saves time, increases the availability of hotel staff, improves guest satisfaction, allows for a more personalised service, collects qualified data, and more.

LoungeUp has already equipped more than 1,800 properties with its digital solutions across 15 countries. Our clientele ranges from hotels with four to 500 rooms, and with two to five stars. It also includes hotel chains, campsites, apartment and villa rentals, and more.

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LoungeUp App

The LoungeUp App is a guest portal, accessible through the hotel Wi-Fi and through a native app, allow hotels to interact with their guests (chat, request and ordering), to sell their services and to share their recommendations.

LoungeUp Emailing

Be there for your guests even before and after their stay. LoungeUp Emailing allows hotels to send automated and personalised emails to their guests at specific times or actions. Before their stay, these emails help to welcome each guest, to get to know their preferences and to demonstrate the availability of the hotel team, all the while allowing for the upsell of additional services.

During their stay, alongside promoting the hotel’s services, satisfaction surveys can be sent to guests, thereby ensuring that their stay runs as smoothly as possible and allowing the hotel to deal with potential complaints before a guest leaves.

Post-stay, encourage guests to book their next stay direct by sending them a promotional code, for example, and prompt them to recommend the hotel on review websites.

LoungeUp SMS

Communicate with your guests in the simplest and most efficient way possible: via text message.

Guests can therefore easily ask anything, whether to tell their arrival time, to book a table or to ask a tourist question.

The sending of text messages can be manual or automated and is conditioned by the guest profile or using PMS data, such as by language, date of arrival, duration of the stay etc. This makes it possible to effortlessly send personalised text messages to each guest.

LoungeUp Events

LoungeUp Events allows hotels to complete their event-oriented services. It enable attendees of seminars, conferences, conventions or weddings to access all the useful information surrounding the event and to interact with the organisers or other participants on their mobile device.

LoungeUp Guest Profile

A CRM made for hoteliers.

LoungeUp Guest Profile is a CRM which centralises all the data of the guests which are scattered throughout different databases used by the hotel: PMS, spa and restaurant software, social media, LoungeUp mobile application, emails and SMS, and reputation management software.

Thanks to this unique guest database, the establishment or the group can easily manage the personalisation of the stay with a 360° view on each guest or launch efficient loyalty marketing campaigns which were not that easy to this degree of personalisation.