Spa therapy and sauna technology are becoming an essential part of guests’ expectations for their stay. Frank Strobel, head of international sales at KLAFS, talks about innovative spa products and this season’s wellness trends.

How important is it for hotel operators to stay current with spa therapy and wellness?
Frank Strobel:
The challenge for hotels to keep up with the market has become increasingly difficult over the past few years. The main reason for this is the rising popularity of spa holidays and the growing awareness on the part of hotel guests of well-being and health, which leads to more interesting offers for customers in hotels and public spas all around the world. Due to that, there is much fiercer competition on the market.

What trends are you expecting to take off?
People are more and more interested in spa facilities that provide clear benefits, so a spa should make a real difference
to a guest’s health, well-being, rejuvenation and beauty. The relaxation factor of a spa journey is also becoming more important, so it is absolutely necessary to create an accurate ratio between the spa facilities and relaxation areas.

Talk us through your star products.
The patented Microsalt application fills a room with dry salt, ground into microscopic particles to form a soothing micro-climate with dry salt mist, which the guests inhale. This results in an in-depth cleaning of the airways right down to the finest alveoli, as well as the cleansing and revitalisation of the skin.
While Microsalt is for people with respiratory disorders, the Sway is for tired and stressed guests. The Sway is a swinging relaxation lounger that allows deep relaxation and revitalisation within a short time. It is designed to facilitate a relaxing power nap for those seeking a healthy sense of comfort and calm simply and directly.
The Sanarium combines the positive effects of saunas with those of steam baths. It can turn your sauna into a tropical bath, a warm air bath, a soft steam bath or a herbal bath. A study conducted by the world-famous Charité in Berlin has shown that the gentle warmth of the climate in the Sanarium can lower blood pressure and relieve circulatory disorders.

What kind of partners is KLAFS looking to align with?
We take our responsibility as a market leader seriously, creating unique concepts for any customer – from the small hotel sauna up to the luxurious hotel spa. Our dedication to excellence has always been led by experience and expertise to meet the needs of any operators in the spa and wellness sectors. It is this knowledge that spearheads new solutions, and influences the development, manufacturing and installation of every single product, ensuring the best design, quality and reliable functionality on the market.

How does KLAFS differentiate itself within the spa and wellness market?
Design, inventive talent and extraordinary concepts are the main reasons why KLAFS has become the foremost driver of innovation for the whole sauna and spa industry. The latest outcome of this is truly a revolution for the sauna market: the sauna S1, the world’s first sauna to retract at the touch of a button, just like the zoom lens on a camera.
The S1 is only the latest chapter of a long-term success story. Since 1928, KLAFS has been creating places of relaxation for the body and spirit. KLAFS offers its own development and production facilities so that even the most extraordinary customer request can be fulfilled, ranging from single sauna cabins to turnkey jobs. This often results in wonderful, individual solutions, such as the South American-inspired spa at the Faena Hotel in Miami or the flamboyant graffiti sauna of the Jaz Hotel in Amsterdam.
When it comes to spas, investors should choose a high-profile partner like KLAFS that takes care of the entire project process and has the know-how, technically and design-wise, to create a stunning spa atmosphere that touches the hearts of guests in any country.