Bespoke, high impact, training; designed to meet your business needs

We are well equipped to develop and deliver business-specific training on a range of subjects including Revenue Management, Finance and Asset Management. We are also equipped to support organisations with training on Collaboration and Interest-Based Negotiation, Team Building and Change Management. We draw on years of practical experience and leading academic research to create specific business training based on the challenges you wish to overcome.

Retaining talent and enabling growth from within your team

We have extensive experience in mentoring and coaching at all organisational levels. We can also support you to implement a formal mentoring culture, promoting personal and professional development within your organisation. We utilise a range of internationally recognised tools, such as Harrison Assessments, as a framework to structure our coaching.

Immersive experiences designed to stretch your leadership teams

Heyward Group curate leadership experiences across Europe, generally in remote locations away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Our retreats are activity-based learning programmes that gradually build pressure and stress in a safe environment to stimulate team situations experiences when leading a business. Our leadership experiences are designed to develop a greater understanding of your individual leadership skills and team dynamics.

Helping you develop tomorrow’s leaders, today

We have worked with several large and medium-sized international brands to produce bespoke development and graduate programmes. Our packages are designed to identify and prepare your future business leaders. Our approach is to engage you in creating a holistic programme where your aspiring leaders receive a solid foundation on which to build their careers and support in the retention of your top talent.

Creating adaptable, progressive teams equipped to succeed

We have a proven track record in building high performing teams. We support you to engage your team and optimise their performance. Our recruitment tools support us to assess behavioural preferences and motivations along with engagement and retention factors. We can remove subjectivity and discrimination while predicting success with a high degree of accuracy, therefore, helping you to reduce the cost of bad hires.

Optimising profitable revenue, staying ahead of your competition

Michael, our CEO and Founder has been at the forefront of revenue management since the early 2000s, delivering strong marketing campaign results, turning around declining revenue performances, and consistently outperforming the market. Heyward Group has a critical understanding of the numbers but also an acute understanding of the soft skills required to effect changes in a commercial strategy.

Enhancing business performance in a people-first industry

We can bring strategy and business planning to life through implementation and execution. Our operational expertise can support you with customer service and quality management, F&B and M&E operations, developing a proactive sales culture and much more! We can complete interim management projects both short and longer-term. We are keen not just to fill a hole but deliver a lasting benefit.

Improving business processes, culture, and customer experience

Digital innovation is designed to set you apart from your competitors, yet 70% of digital transformations fail, in part due to not investing in the management of the human change required. We offer support to your teams by implementing digital transformations strategies that can be addressed by a tech solution. We will help you to design and implement a customised, agile solution to the challenges your people are facing.

Company History

The Heyward Group was founded in 2015 with the ambition of unlocking and unleashing the profitability of fostering positive emotions in leaders, teams, and individuals. We are a growing team partnering with businesses throughout Europe and beyond.

Contact Heyward Group to learn more about our unique approach to making your team feel as competitive, capable and content as possible, or to see how we can co-create innovative solutions together for your business.