Can you tell us a bit about HD Fragrances (HDF) as a company?

Lisa Harrison: We are an increasingly sought-after European supplier of guest toiletries designed for boutique hotels. We are known for our niche cosmetic brands, elegant packaging and exclusive fragrances created by our perfumer and founder, Olivier Decoster. Made in Europe, we use only the safest eco-friendly formulations, without harmful preservatives like parabens or phthalates. Our signature collections are designed in the spirit of excellence with competitive prices.

Today, the company partners primarily with prestige properties in France and Belgium, with an expanding footprint under way in Europe and globally. Our clients – from boutique hotels, luxury villas, private chateaux and French winery estates to grand palaces – partner with us to ensure an unforgettable guest experience.

How can hoteliers be eco-responsible and still provide a memorable guest amenities solution?

Today, only a few travellers expect hotels to have sustainability built into their amenity programme. The vast majority of guests still prefer to receive their own cosmetic products that, if not used, can be taken home to enjoy.

At HDF, we believe it is increasingly important for hotels to embrace green products, such as requesting organic products with biodegradable formulations, recyclable packaging and larger formats. With our wide range of product sizes, we are able to help our clients find the right balance between individual-sized amenities and dispenser formats to better manage costs and environmental concerns. At HDF, we have just introduced two product dispenser solutions in addition to our popular small bottles. One uses a 300ml pump-bottle, and the second uses a ‘press-and-wash’ mechanism. As a new entrant in the dispenser market, our goal is to offer elegantly designed dispenser packaging and high-quality cosmetics (including certified-organic products). Overall, we are working to change the image guests associate with dispenser products.

Are you seing a trend for more organic products that are made from natural ingredients?

Amenity providers and hotels have already made a conscious effort to provide safe cosmetics that are made without parabens and other harmful preservatives.

At HDF, we are also seeing a significant increase in requests for high-quality certified-organic products, which contain ingredients sourced from renewable sources and natural origins. Our bestselling organic ranges are available in small bottles as well as dispenser bottles.

Our goal is to provide hoteliers with cosmetic products that are safe and gentle on their guests’ skin, using European pharmacy-inspired formulations.

How are niche toiletry brands becoming more important in the luxury hotel market?

New cosmetic and toiletries brands, like those offered by HDF, are building a solid presence within the hospitality market and guests are responding positively. Boutique hotel guests expect something different from the standard and seen-everywhere approach. It is essential to give them an experience they will remember fondly during and after their stay.

A vital element of being ’boutique’ is the promise of a personalised, attentive hotel stay for visitors with high-quality amenities. The chance of discovering niche -branded toiletries is one of the greatest joys of visiting a boutique hotel.

Overall, how would you characterise the company’s leading products?

Our signature brands are meant to be discovered. We provide hoteliers with the opportunity to offer high-quality and authentic guest toiletries that smell divine and help to differentiate their establishment from the competition.