Your next meeting starts here. Groups360’s comprehensive software-as-a-service platform, GroupSync, features a suite of integrated technology solutions that make booking group business simple for both hotels and meeting planners.

GroupSync Supplier Solutions empower you to boost your bottom line while reducing your cost of sales. You can maximise your hotel’s potential by offering direct booking, capitalising on upsell opportunities, showcasing your property, and putting the right message in front of the right customer, every time.

Launch online booking for meeting planners

GroupSync is the first sourcing and event solutions platform to enable planners to book meeting space, guest rooms, or both in a single online transaction, freeing up hotel staff to focus on larger, more complex events. 

GroupSync Engage is an affordable way to distribute inventory and increase revenue. You can offer a private-label, branded hotel website with real-time availability and direct booking for guest rooms, meeting space, F&B and A/V. Or you can choose to allocate rooms and space through multiple distribution channels to maximise revenue.

Whether integrated to third-party systems or using GroupSync’s proprietary inventory management system, group inventory is distributed in real-time through an enterprise-grade, GDPR- and PCI-compliant booking engine.

Increase group revenue through more upsell opportunities

Many hotels do not take full advantage of group revenue opportunities. GroupSync Optimise features housing and gifting tools to capture this lost revenue.

GroupSync Housing enables hoteliers to replace rooming lists with unique, event-branded booking websites. Planners send the link to attendees who book their own reservations for better room-block pickup. GroupSync Housing also allows you to offer shoulder nights and upgraded room types to travellers who want to combine business and leisure.

You save time, reduce labour costs, minimize data errors, reduce bookings outside of the block, enhance revenue management and yield, and improve the guest experience.

GroupSync Vouchers are a way to bundle your property amenities such as F&B, staycations, spa services, activities, cash value gift cards and more into packages you can sell online for instant cash flow.

With the right tools, hotels can easily add up to 25% to their bottom line without any additional effort.

Receive highly qualified leads and eliminate RFP spam

GroupSync Marketplace is where event planners search, shop and book among more than 200,000 properties around the world, without ads and pop-ups from unqualified venues, making shopping a quicker, more seamless experience.

GroupSync uses proprietary algorithms to pair meeting professionals with destinations and hotels that fit their group size, needs, and preferences. The benefit to hotels is more prequalified leads that yield double-digit conversion rates.

GroupSync also allows you to seamlessly process proposals within a simplified workflow. Your sales teams can increase productivity by inviting planners to collaborate in the app, eliminating much of the planners’ workload during the buying process.

GroupSync has reduced the time it takes planners to book a space to an average of 19 days, compared to the industry average of 77 days.

Stand out from your competitive set through more strategic marketing

GroupSync Marketing empowers you to stand out among the listings by showcasing your hotel and featuring the best your property has to offer. No other platform makes it as easy and effective to market your property to the right buyers at the right time.

Your complimentary basic listing, derived from licensed industry data, ensures that our proprietary algorithms match your property with qualified planners. With GroupSync Content Pro, you can enhance your property profile with differentiating details, such as unlimited photos, sales brochures, awards, renovations, menus and other details planners need to make a decision.

With GroupSync Advantage, you can add promotions and need dates to attract planners who might not have considered your brand or property. These offers are targeted only to planners whose event dates and specifications qualify.

Founded by hospitality industry veterans

Groups360 was founded in 2014 by David Kloeppel and Kemp Gallineau, former senior executives from U.S.–based Gaylord Entertainment Company with decades of experience in the hospitality industry. They assembled a team of hoteliers, meeting planners, and data scientists to create GroupSync, our proprietary online marketplace.

In August 2019, Groups360 secured a $50 million investment from four global hotel brands — Accor, Hilton, IHG, and Marriott — to accelerate the development of GroupSync and its direct-booking capabilities.

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