What is the history of Franke Coffee Systems?

Patrick Koller: Franke Coffee Systems is a world-leading solution provider for professional coffee making. Our product range includes super automatics, semi-automatics, traditional and capsule machines, as well as speciality craft brewers. Our passion for quality coffee motivates us to lift customer experience through state-of-the-art innovations. With 500 employees spread over four countries, as well as a global service and sales network with more than 300 partners, we work to meet this ambition every day.

What is your iQFlow technology?

iQFlow represents a revolution in espresso preparation. To make an excellent espresso, three important factors must be controlled: gram throw, grind and extraction time. These parameters are influenced by the humidity of the beans, air pressure and wear of the mill. All of these factors influence the extraction and taste. With previous systems, extraction time was influenced indirectly by grinder readjustments. With iQFlow, the operator can dial in their preferred taste profile for each beverage based on extraction time. The technology then assures that every drink is being extracted according to a set standard and under constant pressure, regardless of the variables influencing grind coarseness. In doing so, iQFlow ensures robust taste extraction and flavour variety for each cup, every time.

How does this ensure your coffee is consistently good?

Several studies have analysed the influence of gram throw, grind coarseness and extraction time on taste extraction. They discovered that extraction time – as well as gram throw – has a much stronger influence on taste extraction and profile than grind coarseness. Traditional systems try to maintain a constant extraction time via readjustments of the grinder. But what other systems cannot control is a pressure drop in the lower layers of the coffee cake [coffee grounds compacted in the brewing chamber]. iQFlow quickly measures the coffee flow and ensures that extraction time stays level. At the same time, constant pressure throughout the entire coffee cake allows maximum taste extraction, as well as a shorter extraction time.

Why should customers choose your coffee machines over those of your competitors?

Franke's A-series super automatics set themselves apart by their state-of-the-art aesthetics – featuring highresolution and intuitive touchscreens – best-in-class foam quality; unmet flavour variety; fully automated cleaning systems; and internet-of-things (IoT) applications that allow operators to gain full transparency on their operations to reduce costs and drive sales.

Franke is also launching a brand new line – the S700 – that was specially developed for selected roasters and coffee shop chains in the US. The S700 combines automatic-coffee-making technology with highperformance steam and manual frothing capabilities to create barista-like latte art. In short, our range of products is sure to suit any need.

What has Franke learned from supplying coffee machines to customers around the world?

It's fascinating to learn about how customers and consumers worldwide are becoming more sophisticated and demanding when it comes to coffee preparation and consumption. There are obviously regional differences in terms of taste preferences, but, generally speaking, increasing appreciation for premium coffee quality, as well as running operations that look for optimised costs and IoT support, are very positive trends for us.

What are your plans going forward?

We plan to keep innovating day after day and continuously elevate our customers' experience. We want to help our customers to delight their guests, employees, commuters, as well as support their staff with hassle-free operations and minimal maintenance effort. We don't do this just with our top-quality machines, but also with a global service network.