How do all the entities that comprise EHL Group interlock and share their expertise?

Olivier Roux: All group entities have been integrated in a manner that allows each one to seamlessly leverage the other. EHL Group was born out of the university in Lausanne, and 125 years of pioneering hospitality education has set the tone for the entire industry.

The second entity, EHL Swiss School of Tourism and Hospitality, in Eastern Switzerland, has been one of the leading hospitality management schools for hotel specialists for 50 years. As part of the group, it provides students with a dual path to the bachelor’s degree, either professional or academic.

Our researchers in Lausanne also benefit from collaborating with their colleagues across the country who specialise in niche subjects such as affective hospitality or spa management.

Finally, EHL Advisory Services is our consulting and executive training company, active in more than 30 countries, which supports the development of the hospitality industry. It provides a vital feedback loop for the group, allowing us to apply our expertise, as well as gather market intelligence and strengthen our ties with industry leaders. The agility of this third entity is a unique entry point into new markets to elevate global industry standards.

How does EHL Alliance extend this capacity?

We have a truly unique international network that extends well beyond the hospitality industry. It has been clear for some time that we had to extend this capacity and create a formal structure that explicitly categorises the many benefits of an ongoing relationship with EHL Group. It is also a great opportunity for us to expand, innovate and redefine how we lead the industry. Creating an actual club is an opportunity to invite new players to the table and expand the offers across all group entities. EHL Alliance brings together two worlds – corporate and education – allowing both to share knowledge and resources. The corporate world will have the possibility to tap into EHL Group’s knowledge and talents, either in Switzerland or through certified institutions worldwide.

"We have a truly unique international network that extends well beyond the hospitality industry."

Inversely, EHL Group and its education partners will gain privileged access to the corporate members’ knowledge and network.

A broad range of benefits have been engineered specifically for large and medium-sized hospitality companies, independent hotel properties, suppliers to the hospitality world, business and private schools and individuals who wish to become part of EHL Alliance.

What does this mean for prospective members?

Hospitality professionals can no longer afford to exist in silos. They must operate in an inclusive and transparent way to be able to benefit from insights from education and hospitality professionals, researchers and future talents.

By entering the alliance, members gain access to services and benefits provided by EHL Group across consulting services, education and training, knowledge sharing and innovation, events and networking, recruitment and talent development, and visibility and advertising. These services and benefits will be available in the Lausanne and Passugg EHL Campuses, as well as in each EHLcertified institution, of which there are currently 10 worldwide with more than 5,000 students certified.

Each EHL Alliance member will select their preferences in advance and a tailormade catalogue will be put together.

A dedicated EHL Alliance team will become the contact point for each member and will coordinate individual, as well as general, alliance activities.

The modalities of each member will most probably be quite varied, and EHL Group is prepared to be agile, proactive and professional, delivering timely and consistent services to make EHL Alliance a success.

What do your founding members bring to the alliance, and what are they looking to gain from it?

A group of 20 founding members is still being formalised as we speak, although IHG has already formally joined the alliance. We are particularly happy that companies take pride in being among the first to join. It reflects our past and ongoing commitment to quality development in the hospitality industry.

Having companies from the hospitality as well as the non-hospitality industry contacting us to become a member of EHL Alliance demonstrates that we are perceived as adding long-term value in the value chain. We would like to move forward with EHL Alliance members to influence the future of the industry.