We offer an extensive catalogue featuring all the machinery required for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, care homes and all types of small and industrial laundries.

Our mission is to meet all the needs of an increasingly demanding professional laundry industry, competitively and in a global market.

On this basis, we have a comprehensive range of professional machinery called Heavy Professional, as well as three large lines of industrial machinery consisting of washing machines, tumble dryers and ironers. We can also offer you industrial machines to help achieve the best finishing, if you need to process flat linens, ozone cabinets, comprehensive solutions for OPL and self service laundries…

We feel it is of utmost importance to be in daily contact with our customers, applying the corporate values that have always characterised us in every area: Innovation, Experience, Dialogue and Professionalism.

This is how we have achieved a presence all over the world, with 9 factories strategically distributed over Spain, France, Poland and Mexico, with a workforce currently comprising over 2200 professionals.

Our website www.domuslaundry.com is constantly evolving and improving, to offer the best solution to each type of client. Do not hesitate to check it, or send an email for specific requests to export@domuslaundry.com

Domus is a company with a strong commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and is 100% committed to the demands of our society (SOCIAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY)

With this in mind, the Onnera BCN ECO project was recently born, which aims to reduce the environmental impact of our processes and products in their use life.

Some of the initiatives carried out in order to realise this goal include the adaptation, not just of our products, but also of our headquarters and workspaces. And all in line with the implementation of good environmental practices, the use of biodegradable materials and various planned initiatives.

We have also implemented an equality plan and a protocol for the prevention of potential abuse among our workers. We have expanded our rest areas and aim to look after every worker as much as we can, ensuring their well-being and work-life balance from the very first day they start working with us.

Over time, all of this has led to us obtaining different awards, including the ER-1866/2004 quality management certificate in accordance with standard ISO 9001 or the GA-2020/0126 environmental management certificate in accordance with standard ISO 14001, both from AENOR / IQNET.

At Domus, we are strongly committed to working in an environmentally sustainable way. In recent years, finding the perfect balance between Innovation, Efficiency and Saving has become almost an obsession.  We have made a strong commitment to the most advanced technology, developing special features in each of our ranges of ECO-ENERGY washing machines, tumble dryers and calenders.

In this way, we have created a new generation of highly efficient products for our clients, which boast low consumption and high technological specifications.

We work hard to evolve and establish trust in our products, inspiring our customers to have faith in what we do and in how we do it.

Most efficient equipment is Heat pump tumble dryers, Eco-energy tumble dryers with air recovery system, and high spin washing machines with Ecotank, which can reuse water and provides up to 70% savings.