Criton is an award-winning technology provider which enables hoteliers to future-proof their business and take the guest experience to the next level. Criton’s new revolutionary mobile app empowers luxury hotels with the tools they need to confidently step into the digital world and streamline the entire guest journey.

With their own branded mobile app, hotels can enhance the guest experience, drive operational efficiency and increase revenue and brand loyalty.

Why a Hotel App?

The future of guest-facing technology is on the guests’ own device. Criton gives you access to the same technology that Hilton and Marriott already adopt at a fraction of the cost.

Guests request….

  • 94% of business travellers and 80% of leisure travellers expressed interest in using mobile guest apps to request service and message hotel staff
  • 74% want to use their phone to speed up check-in and services
  • 70% would use a hotel app, if their favourite hotel would have one
  • In-room service orders increased by 18% when made via mobile.

Streamline your guest journey

With your hotel app, you can support your entire guest journey. Your guests will have everything they need at their fingertips pre, during and post-stay. Let your staff focus on what is really important by giving your guests the very best experience matters and Criton helps you do just that.

Offer your guests the choice of how and when they interact with you by developing your own hotel app. You will have the digital tools you need to:

  • Drive direct, repeat bookings and save on OTA commission
  • Offer mobile check-in and digital door key
  • Increase F&B income and upsell services and facilities
  • Deliver an exceptional guest experience
  • Provide a luxury experience throughout the guest journey.

PMS Integration

Integrate your PMS platform to your own hotel app and speed up your guest check-in process. Allow guests to pre check-in with a few simple clicks and eliminate guests waiting times at reception. Criton currently offers integrations with Guestline, Suite 8, Oracle, Mews, Clock, Sihot and Protel and is constantly adding more PMS systems.

Digital Door Key

Seamless Guest Experience with keyless entry. Speed up your guest check-in process and allow guests to unlock their room directly via their own device by integrating digital door key into your hotel app.

Loyalty Programme

Reward your guest for repeat bookings. Encourage your guests to book direct, saving on commission and increasing profit. Gain insight to how much your customers spend, when they last stayed and how often they visit.

Guest Fulfilment

A single portal for all communications. Offer your guests direct communication with your team. Guests use this feature to order hotel room service as well as send specific requests such as extra pillows. They select the form of communication they prefer, and your hotel receives all messages and requests in a unified inbox.

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