InteriHotel Barcelona is Spain’s number one event on hotel interior design and is one of the leaders in southern Europe. In its October edition, it is expected that 200 brands, well-known in the world of interior design for contract-hospitality projects, and 4,000 professionals, both buyers (hotel groups and independent hotels) and advisers (architects, interior designers and decorators), will be in attendance at the next edition. InteriHotel hopes to be a space for connecting and interacting (brands-hotels-advisors) where design and interior design take centre stage.

InteriHotel is a highly-productive event, generating large business opportunities both for the brands exhibiting at the show and for the design studios visiting and/or participating in the conference sessions. The event provides attendees with high-value content in the form of a full programme of conferences and talks featuring experts in the contract-hospitality industry, an innovative materials and technologies area showcasing new products applied to hospitality projects, a design area with top brands, an international programme featuring hotel groups from non-European markets and networking activities with brands, opinion leaders and hotel companies

InteriHotel Barcelona has been granted international status, a recognition awarded by the Minister of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness. It is a leading event in the interior design of hotels in southern Europe and is the most important in Spain in this sector, welcoming visitors from 25 countries across 5 continents, and where 20% of the brands that participate are international.

The upcoming edition of InteriHotel continues to be focused on design as, on one hand, the brands present their products in a showroom style, creating a hotel setting at the design stands and, on the other hand, a special area has been created for the first time for brands whose core value is their original design, setting them apart from others, comprising what will be InteriHotel’s new "Design Area".

On the other hand, the interior designer rooms immerse visitors in the world of original design, as these are spaces curated by interior designers with experience in contract-hospitality projects, recreating different spaces in a hotel and collaborating with the exhibiting brands.

Finally, the Lounge Area is a space which offers a functional atmosphere, designed to nurture professional relationships in a less formal way. The space is curated by RED-AEDE and will be where its partner brands create a joint proposal for the decoration and equipment used in this unique space.

InteriHotel Barcelona, an international event

Within the setting of InteriHotel, an international mission will take place with top-class hotel groups and advisors coming from markets such as Mexico/the Caribbean, the UAE, the US and Morocco. Among the activities included in this mission are: work groups with brands interested in operating in these markets, a programme of conferences with international advisors, face-to-face meetings, and networking activities and work lunches.

Valuable content: conferences

The programmed activities put the spotlight on respected professionals with outstanding careers through a complete programme of conferences and discussion panels with 40 speakers participating. Across 12 sessions they will touch upon topics that are currently affecting the sector, such as hospitality positioning strategies, success stories, good practices in hotel interior design and technical sessions. Additionally, and new for this edition, InteriHotel offers a space for young talents to present their project ideas, called Fresh Talks.

The Exhibition Area

The jewel in InteriHotel’s crown is its ability to offer a top-level showroom; the Exhibition Area: a space where brands showcase different hotel settings – bedrooms, cafés, restaurants – displaying the majority of products that must be considered when planning a hotel interior design project. At some stands, several different brands will collaborate, integrating their products in the final setting and creating complete top-end spaces for visitors.

The Material & Tech Area

Another area that offers advisers, hotel owners and hotel chain project managers with valuable content is the Materials & Tech Area. This space is reserved exclusively for manufacturers and distributors of innovative technology and materials for hotel interior design. Participating companies will have the chance to perform a 15-minute product presentation to advisers in a stimulating environment next to this area.

The Experience Area

In the Experience Area, visitors will be able to find a space where they can gain first-hand experience of new technologies, accessible design and other solutions to the problems that users are faced with in the hotels in the 21st century. This area proposes a kind of interior design that incorporates innovative products, designs and technology applications to help create more comfortable and accessible hotel spaces for guests.

The Outdoor Area

At this edition, specialist outdoor brands (outdoor equipment such as furniture, lighting, flooring, decking) will have a special area where they can exhibit all of their products. Made up of large open spaces and situated in the central areas in between the aisles, this area is perfect for hosting these types of products and equipment and has great visibility.