Allowing operators to simultaneously wash normal dishes and pans under a single hood, the revolutionary WD-12S is the ultimate, flexible option for venues that are tasked with completing a high volume of varied warewashing tasks, as David Glover, UK & Ireland Country Manager at Wexiödisk UK, explains:

Our industry-leading WD-12S combi-dishwasher is quite possibly the most flexible, compact dishwasher currently on the commercial market! But why? Well to start, by turning a simple lever, operators can easily switch between normal dishwashing and potwashing, or should they prefer, they can activate normal dishwashing and potwashing during the same wash cycle. This is thanks to the WD-12S’s individually adjustable water pressure arms, which makes simultaneously washing plates on the right, and pans on the left, and vice versa, possible.”

Taking on the job of two separate warewashers in one, the WD-12S not only makes the lives of porters easier, but ticks multiple financial and space-saving boxes as David continues:

“With this exceptional new model, operators no longer need to invest in two separate warewashers. This of course makes for a wiser financial investment, both from an initial purchase point of view as well as a long-term operation perspective given that all of the components of the WD-12s have carefully been chosen to minimise the consumption of water, chemicals and electricity.

On-top of these environmental and financial savings, operators will also save valuable kitchen space when investing in our multi-functional WD-12s rather than two separate warewashing models.”

Despite the WD-12S’s spacious interior, which enables operators to wash two 60cm trays or baskets in a single wash cycle, Wexiödisk’s brand-new combi-warewasher is surprisingly compact, measuring 1295x815x2335mm (W x D x H)

Exceptionally ergonomic and simple to use, the WD-12S model features a whole host of operator-led features such as an intuitive display and automatic hood, which as the name suggests, opens automatically when the wash cycle has finished. As the WD-12S is a through-feed dishwasher, the need for heavy lifting is minimised, whilst an efficient and hygienic warewashing flow is encouraged thanks to there being a clean side and a dirty side with this model.

Complete with aesthetic bevelled edges, a smooth interior with only one strainer to remove and clean, exceptionally low noise levels, easy access for servicing, and multi-functional grid-plates which allow operators to wash items in unimaginable combinations, the WD-12s is a real-all-rounder, allowing medium-sizes venues to effortlessly get to grips with their warewashing duties.

Having just launched in the Scandinavian market, the WD-12S will be available for UK customers to order from March 2021.

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