The landscape of the hospitality industry is ever-changing, and is being propelled forward by the innovative power of Generative AI and other major tech advancements. 

As consumers become more tech-savvy, hotels must adapt to meet consumer expectations.

For hoteliers using Profitroom, recent technological breakthroughs have not only opened up avenues for a more streamlined workforce, but have also empowered hoteliers to craft bespoke customer experiences like never before.

To understand how tech can enhance hotel operations, Patryk Luszcz, Regional Director at award-winning booking platform Profitroom, unveils the hospitality AI tools that are transforming the industry.


Personalisation is a key strategy imperative to the independent hotels we work with and we’ve shifted our AI applications to personalise marketing efforts, adapting to hotel needs, inventory changes, and seasonal trends.

This approach has proven highly effective and allows hoteliers to focus on improving the in-person guest experience.

AI chatbots

AI chatbots and virtual assistants can aid guest-interactions, such as routine customer queries, reservations, and check-ins to consistently deliver customer service across all online touchpoints.

In the future we expect AI chatbots will provide valuable booking recommendations for potential guests.

AI needs to be a central part of any hotelier’s operations due to its ability to free up staff from routine tasks to prioritise in-person guest experience, creativity and original thinking.

Website analytics and data

Harnessing website analytics is vital for hotels to enhance online booking conversion rates. 

GA4 analytics emerged as a great tool last year, driven mainly by Google traffic. We’ve proactively integrated it with AI to understand guest preferences better and to better tailor marketing efforts based on the hotel’s facilities such as spa services and restaurant offerings.

Our Profitroom platform also tracks the level of a hotel’s unavailability rate, which is when site visitors encounter no availability within their preferred dates of stay. 

Tracking this in tandem with website traffic allows our hoteliers to adjust marketing spending, reallocating resources from PPC and paid ads when they are unable to convert due to unavailability.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, technological advancements are set to revolutionise how hotels operate and compete. Embracing AI is crucial; those who don’t risk falling behind.

As consumers become more tech-savvy, hotels must adapt to meet consumer expectations.

With recent reports of search engines penalising mass-produced AI-generated content, prioritising ultra-personalisation is crucial. It should be tailored to each hotel’s offerings and the specific preferences of their guests.

Overall, technological advancements are reshaping the landscape of the hospitality industry, and hotels must embrace these changes to remain competitive in the market.

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