Stockholm –February 7, 2023 – ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions, a leading provider of advanced security technology for the hospitality industry, has today announced the implementation of a range of security and guest convenience-enhancing company solutions by voco® The Hague. Opened approximately one year ago as an IHG-labelled property owned by UBM Development, voco® The Hague’s transformation from a former bank building into a luxury hotel now includes the adoption of VingCard Signature RFID door locks and Elsafe Zenith in-room safes to boost property security and interior design, while its implementation of Polarbar minibars ensures maximum convenience in meeting guest F&B needs. 

As a building once operating as a bank, voco® The Hague is more than familiar with the concept of enhanced security and even has the original bank vault still located on the premises which currently serves as an e-catcher for the property’s Ultramarijn bar. Since opening in July 2021 and by adopting VingCard Signature RFID following UBM Development- Netherlands BV recommendations, voco® The Hague has been able to meet its commitment to enhancing guest security with a robust door lock solution capable of addressing the latest hotel security threats. This includes the lock’s utilization of industry-leading data encryption technology to protect sensitive guest and staff key information from the risk of data theft and unauthorized access. Thanks to the advanced security capabilities of the lock solution, VingCard Signature RFID is utilized by the property to secure both guestrooms and back of house areas. 

The decision to implement VingCard Signature RFID further comes from the property’s goal of transforming a high security bank into a hotel guest experience that embodies the highest standards in luxury and comfort. As a lock solution designed to be as visually attractive as it is secure, VingCard Signature RFID serves as an essential component in meeting this goal thanks to a sleek appearance that ensures it can seamlessly blend in with virtually any property’s interior décor. This ability is further enhanced by the lock’s wide range of door handle options, which for voco® The Hague, consisted of implementing luxury design Valli & Valli polished brass handles for guest areas. 

“From the moment we first opened our doors to guests over a year ago, our goal for voco® The Hague has been to be the best place to stay, meet & eat in The Hague and to be a place that respects and welcomes guests from a diverse background. ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions technology has 

added to our capabilities to deliver peace-of-mind during our guest’s hotel stay,” said Inge van Weert, General Manager at voco® The Hague. “We are pleased with the heightened level of security that our property can provide to guests, which also goes hand-in-hand with the ability to ensure enhanced convenience thanks to the presence of ASSA ABLOY Global Solutions technology in each of our 204 guestrooms.” 

With the adoption of Elsafe Zenith electronic safes, voco® The Hague can pass feelings of enhanced safety on to guest belongings while accentuating guestrooms with a modern and attractive safe design. Available in a range of models, sizes and colour options, Elsafe Zenith is significantly tested to withstand even the most extreme of physical break-in attempts, while featuring advanced anti-tamper labyrinth protocols to ensure that only authorized users can gain access. 

By additionally implementing Polarbar minibars, voco® The Hague can notably also effortlessly cater to guest F&B needs while leveraging the minibar’s advanced technology to keep energy consumption at a minimum. Each Polarbar Minibar comes equipped with silent absorption capabilities in order to maintain low noise volumes and ensure guest comfort.