The Schaerer Coffee Skye can ideally be configured for specific customer requirements thanks to numerous equipment options. Schaerer now also offers the Twin Milk system for the Schaerer Coffee Skye for an even greater variety of beverages with reduced staff workload. The Twin Milk cooling unit has two separate containers and can be filled with different types of milk or alternatively with vegan plant-based drinks. All employees need to do is select the coffee speciality and the system automatically supplies the right type for the beverage. The extensive adjustment options of the Pure Foam milk system ensure that latte macchiatos, cappuccinos or flat whites are prepared with the perfect foam consistency, no matter whether they are prepared with full-fat or semi-skimmed milk or plant-based drinks. The Twin Milk System is available in two versions to meet customer requirements for optimum storage capacity for the specific application; either as a side cooling unit with two 4.5-litre containers or as an under-counter cooling unit with two 10-litre containers. To make sure that the Schaerer Coffee Skye blends in visually with the slightly taller side cooling unit, the machine can be fitted with optional feet in the appropriate height. The two “Supersteam” and “Powersteam” steam wands are also available for manual foaming. 

The Pure Foam milk system of the Schaerer Coffee Skye is the foundation for the high level of beverage quality and the wide variety of coffee specialities with milk or plant-based drinks. It prepares hot and cold milk as well as creamy, fine-pored milk foam. The dispensing temperature of hot milk and milk foam ranges from 50 °C to 70 °C. One of the focuses when developing the Pure Foam was the sustainable use of water. The milk system has a very small internal volume, meaning it requires very little water for rinsing and cleaning. In addition, no pre-or post-rinsing is necessary during beverage preparation.

Steam wands for manual foaming
If you want to foam milk or plant-based drinks manually, for example, to create latte art, the Schaerer Coffee Skye can also be equipped with a steam wand. Schaerer has two different versions for this purpose. This takes into account customer requests for process automation and also allows the barista skills of employees to be utilised. The “Supersteam” steam wand offers a very high level of automation: The desired temperature and foam consistency for the beverage in question are stored in the system. To prepare a beverage, the employee only needs to position a filled mug and the “Supersteam” starts foaming when the display is touched and stops automatically when the result is achieved. Then all the service staff need to do is pour the perfectly foamed milk into the espresso. If fully manual milk foaming is required, the Powersteam steam wand is available as an alternative.