Frankfurt, July 27, 2020 – TRIAX announced today that its bestselling TDX headend now supports Pro:Idiom®, the high-quality global Digital Rights Management solution from LG Electronics.

Hospitality providers and operators can now securely distribute end-to-end encrypted HDTV content from TRIAX headends to LG Hospitality TVs throughout their establishments.

“We’re thrilled to be offering a DRM solution for LG’s Hospitality TVs on our TDX headend,” said Jeroen van der Maat, Global Alliance Partner Manager from TRIAX. “The Pro:Idiom® system’s high-quality security provides reduced cost compared to solutions with external DRM servers and low maintenance piracy prevention that’s easy to implement on our leading headend platform.”

“It’s a pleasure to welcome TRIAX as a licenced manufacturer,” enthused Yannis Pagoulatos, European Head of Hospitality Sales from LG Electronics. “TRIAX’s reliable and innovative headends are an integral part of seamless hospitality solutions. By implementing Pro:Idiom®, they now work in perfect harmony with LG Hospitality TVs, systems and third-party professional channel broadcasters, offering ample solutions for our shared hospitality customers and partners.”

The TRIAX TDX is a modular headend, making it easy to design bespoke TV distribution solutions and offer premium content to hotel guests. The Pro:Idiom® DRM is available on a new TRIAX IP backend module that can be installed in any TDX headend. No additional hardware beyond the LG Hospitality TV is required, and pre-existing headend installations can be easily upgraded with a new IP backend and the 5.0 software.

The ease with which it can be installed and managed on the straightforward TRIAX interface is another advantage for hospitality providers, adding even more value to a flexible, fully supported hospitality solution that improves guest engagement and maximises revenues.