A harmonious fusion of historical charm and unforgettable experiences, the Rosewood Munich opens its doors and welcomes guests to explore the vibrant city.

Located within the heart of Munich’s historic old town, a highly anticipated chapter in the city’s storied legacy is set to unfold with the grand opening of Rosewood Munich on October 20, 2023. As Rosewood Hotels & Resorts®’ inaugural property in Germany, this elegant hotel introduces a fresh paradigm of luxury to the city. Spanning two iconic buildings, the property is housed within the former Bavarian State Bank headquarters and the adjacent Palais Neuhaus-Preysing, originally an aristocratic residence. Steps away from Marienplatz, the central square in the city’s center, Rosewood Munich effortlessly encapsulates the essence of Bavarian culture, offering a charming and immersive journey through the city’s baroque period whilst fostering a renewed appreciation and perspective for its contemporary culture and sense of community.

Guided by Rosewood’s A Sense of Place® philosophy, in which every element of the experience is inspired by its surroundings, Rosewood Munich represents a unique fusion of a timeless landmark that honors the illustrious history of Munich’s’ old town. Featuring 73 spacious guestrooms and 59 suites, including five exclusive houses -the property’s signature suites – the interiors seamlessly integrate modern design.

The restoration and preservation process spearheaded by Munich's esteemed architectural office, Hilmer Sattler Architekten Ahlers, together with the renowned London-based interior design firm Tara Bernerd & Partners, artfully marries the architectural grandeur of Baroque and Rococo styles with contemporary sophistication and timeless elegance.  The lively interiors of the restaurant and seductive bar have been designed by local experts DiPPOLD Interior Design Studio.

Bearing the names of Bavaria’s royal family, Rosewood Munich’s houses exude a regal and architecturally striking presence, each with their own distinct design and offering extraordinary amenities, furnishings, and bespoke butler service reminiscent of their distinguished namesakes.

Culinary offerings encompass an enticing lobby lounge, full-service brasserie, the Wintergarten, the exterior Palaishof and a lively bar. For those seeking the ultimate wellness experience, the hotel will be home to Germany’s first Asaya® Spa, featuring six treatment rooms, along with an indoor pool and a well-equipped fitness area.

Serving as a living art gallery, Rosewood Munich showcases the creations of local talent, prominently featuring the work of one of Germany’s most celebrated illustrators, Olaf Hajek. Hajek’s art delves into the captivating interplay between imagination and reality, embracing themes of wonder, heroism, hallucinations, and fairytales. The hotel also presents wood-carved pieces by Rosanna Merklin and captivating photographic interpretations of the city by the accomplished fashion and architectural photographer Michael Mann. An exceptional centerpiece in the brasserie Cuvilliés, exclusively crafted by Munich's skilled ceramic artist Angelika Maria Stiegler, brings a unique and alluring element to the restaurant. These artistic expressions breathe captivating life into the rich historical narratives of the city.

Contemporary Interpretation of Baroque Architecture Meets Modern Elegance

Rosewood Munich adds a new layer of grandeur to the bustling alleys and renowned landmarks that surround it. The hotel flawlessly marries the best of two worlds – a deep admiration for the original architecture of these venerable buildings, intertwined with contemporary elements that elevate the property into a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

“A bustling metropolis immersed in historical charm,  Munich is the perfect destination of Rosewood’s first foray in to Germany ,” said Radha Arora, President of Rosewood Hotels & Resorts®. “Rosewood Munich is not only a tribute to the city’s vibrant culture and storied history but is also testament to our passion for pioneering hospitality.”

The hotel’s distinctive aesthetic is the result of international and local talents in architecture, design and art. Hilmer Sattler Architekten Ahlers Albrecht took charge of the architectural design, while Tara Bernerd & Partners meticulously crafted and curated the interiors of the rooms, suites, houses, lobby lounge, Palaishof, and Asaya® Spa to create a harmonious and captivating atmosphere. DiPPOLD Interior Design Studio’s creative touch shines through in the thoughtfully designed Bar Montez and Brasserie Cuvilliés, enhancing the overall ambiance of the space. Rosewood Munich was designed with profound regard for the rich, layered history of the Bavarian capital. The meticulous restoration of the two landmark buildings and the central courtyard reflects Rosewood’s commitment to retaining historical significance. The facades and architectural treasures, including the lobby and hallway, have been preserved to their original glory.

Upon entering the grand hotel lobby, guests are greeted by stylish remnants of the former bank building, such as the graceful staircase, vaulted ceiling, and preserved frescoes, collectively crafting a unique and evocative ambiance in the space.

The property boasts two courtyards that create an intimate urban oasis – a cherished tradition within the city center, where these spaces have long served as vibrant hubs for socializing and relaxation. The Palaishof, in particular takes center stage as a focal point for social gatherings at Rosewood Munich. In addition, the Wintergarten seamlessly extends the reception area, emanating a cozy, inviting glow, encased with wood paneling and strategically placed indoor greenery establishing a visual connection to the main courtyard. The design concepts showcase a color palette inspired by Bauhaus principles, complemented by natural tones derived from handcrafted wooden table legs and custom furnishings, resulting in a refined yet understated style.

The well-appointed guestrooms, suites and houses exude a subtle yet refined elegance, creating an atmosphere that invites guests to unwind in the heart of Munich’s old town. Each room showcases elaborate interior elements and is distinguished by its unique facade structure, offering a captivating tapestry.

The houses are architectural marvels, offering a residential style of living, with various options that can accommodate up to four bedrooms. The regal touch of the house names extends to the objets d’art and bespoke crockery, custom-crafted for each house by the Royal Palace of Nymphenburg, serving as a fitting reflection of the individual royal personalities embodied by the suites. Notably, Prinzessin Ferdinande House boasts a suspended glass bridge connecting its living areas, offering guests a tranquil perch above the bustling streets of Munich. The König Maximillian House, the largest among the exclusive residences, features an impressive, vaulted ceiling and a central fireplace that connects the living and dining areas, creating an ideal space for hosting and entertaining family and friends.

With its very own magnificent entrance, another special feature of Rosewood Munich quickly becomes apparent. The event rooms, located in the Palais Neuhaus Preysing, were also designed by Tara Bernerd & Partner, and feature several historically preserved spaces. High-quality materials were used to preserve the building’s historic façade interior  components. In the poliment gilding, care was taken to preserve the structure and history of the rooms with an over 5,000 years old technique, which involves first cleaning the gold on the wall using dried crust of black bread that is several days old. The hotel encompasses six event spaces, including a 234 sqm (2,519 sqft) Grand Ballroom, a historic junior ballroom, and four flexible meeting and breakout rooms.

Both ballrooms will offer outdoor space. With over 600 sqm (6,450 sqft) of indoor meeting space, Rosewood Munich can cater to all sizes and types of gatherings, from corporate meetings to intimate dinners, lifestyle events or social celebrations.

An Innovative Approach To Bavarian Cuisine and Cocktails

Offering a refined take on Bavarian cuisine, Rosewood Munich ushers in a new wave of gastronomy and an innovative cocktail culture to the city of Munich. At Cuvilliés, guests can savor distinctive renditions of classic brasserie fare infused with the rich heritage of the Alpine region, such as ‘Steckerlfisch' (fish grilled on a stick) or spinach dumplings, all within a relaxed and stylish cosmopolitan ambiance that encourages a sense of community. As the culinary epicenter of the hotel, Brasserie Cuvilliés embodies a distinctive gastronomic journey that harmonizes modernity with a deep reverence for Bavarian traditions. Beverage outpost Bar Montez reflects the spirit of the legendary dancer Lola Montez, capturing an era of passion, freedom, and elegance. Bar Montez is a visual masterpiece, impressing guests with an ingenious mixology program, a unique interior, a carefully curated art collection and live jazz performances. A further nod to the period, the bar features an impressive colorful stained-glass installation representing a contemporary cubist interpretation of Munich’s jazz scene from the 1920’s, realized by Mayer’sche Hofkunstanstalt.

Across the dining and drinking destinations, a majority of all ingredients are sourced from the local Alpine region, which encompasses Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. The Rosewood Munich team has also partnered with its future sister property, Rosewood Schloss Fuschl, which boasts its own castle fishery from which the property sources fresh fish.

As part of Rosewood's Partners in Provenance program, the team has tapped many of the region's most skilled culinary talents to enhance the offerings at Rosewood Munich. Helmut Schlader Alpine caviar, Bavarian rice from the Chiemsee region, Wagyu beef from Tegernsee known as ‘Teygu’ as well as lamb from a breeder in Jochberg are just a few of the local and purveyors that contribute to the incredible program and affirm it as a true embodiment of Alpine food culture.

A Sanctuary For The Senses With An Integrated Wellness Concept

Drawing inspiration from the picturesque Alpine region, Asaya® Spa at Rosewood Munich offers a holistic approach to well-being that goes beyond the conventional idea of spa experiences by providing innovative, personal solutions designed to help guests achieve their individual wellness goals. With a wide array of therapies and programs, Asaya® represents a distinct and immersive urban retreat to hotel guests, local residents and members.

Spanning over two expansive floors and covering an impressive 1,300 square meters, Asaya® Spa embodies the brand’s unwavering commitment to holistic wellness, encompassing Rosewood's five core pillars of well-being – emotional balance, fitness and nutrition, physical therapies, skin health, and community engagement – ensuring a comprehensive experience tailored to individual needs while capturing the essence of the destination. Bespoke Asaya® treatments are brought to life through renowned brand partners, including Dr. Barbara Sturm, OTO, Ground Wellbeing and EviDenS de Beauté. The thoughtfully curated spaces within the spa which include an indoor pool, dual saunas, an herbal steam room, six treatment rooms including a Social House wellness suite for day retreats, an Asaya® atelier featuring an exclusive retail selection and a state-of-the-art Technogym fitness center with a dedicated movement studio, all emanate an atmosphere of serene equilibrium. From innovative skin care products and clean beauty essentials to stylish wellness apparel and lifestyle accessories including Orlebar Brown swim, Vyrao candles and Lengling fragrances, Asaya® curates a retail offering that enriches your well-being and extends an exquisite spa moment to your home.

Following openings in Hong Kong, Phuket, Guangzhou, Vienna and Hawaiʻi, Rosewood Munich is now home to the sixth Asaya® Spa worldwide.

At Rosewood Munich, guests can expect an unparalleled experience where every detail has been carefully curated to ensure the utmost comfort and luxury. The hotel boasts an array of premier amenities and services, spacious guest rooms, exquisite dining facilities, a holistic spa, and venues for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. The commitment to impeccable service and a dedication to preserving the historical significance of the buildings within which it resides make Rosewood Munich a gem in the heart of Munich, always having A Sense of Place® in the forefront.